Why America Is In Decline

I got an email yesterday. It was unpleasant. The kind that can put you into a depression. It’s the motivator to have come here this morning and start writing.

It was about a job I was aiming to get. I have a family member who works for the executive staff of a major nationwide retailer. Being out of work for since December and not knowing what I’ll do next or when that will be I asked about opportunities there. I was told they were looking for people to hire and train into management.

Knowing this company pays well and is supportive I had submitted my info and had a preliminary phone screening interview set up a week ago. My family member helped me prepare by giving me an idea of what would be asked. I did alright, not great, but certainly not bad.

When I saw the email from this company yesterday I knew it was bad news. They never email you to schedule the next step and they don’t call to tell you sorry.

Sure enough “they decided to pursue other candidates”, aka we haven’t hired anyone yet but it’s definitely not going to be you.

Being only the 2nd time I’ve even got close to a job this year, it hurt. However, it also pissed me off.

I know this company needs lots of low and mid level leaders and they somehow know from one 15-minute conversation that I can’t do that job? Mind you not a conversation in person, not one where we can bullshit and chat endlessly and they can see my confidence and intelligence, but a phone conversation. Really not even a conversation, she asked me maybe 4 or 5 questions and I rambled on trying to sound decent.

Apparently, despite having a reference from a respected member of the company, i’m not even adequate for a management training position that starts at probably $12-14 an hour.

Am I pissed that I didn’t get the job. Yeah, mostly cause I feel like I don’t know what the hell to do now. But what really irritates me is the way it was all done. The ridiculous phone screen interview.

This was actually my second experience with this gimmick, the first time happened a few months ago when I applied for a job with a major manufacturing company to be a liason between the company and its dealers. Contacts and contracts. I didn’t get that one either.

Bullshit. All of it’s bullshit. As stated how can they know who’s qualified from a 15-minute session where you answer preselected questions and the only one’s who pass are those hit enough “key” words to get past the human resources gatekeepers.

This is where America’s decline show’s itself the most.

I worked a crappy retail job as a college student and I can’t say I liked it much. But give me more responsibility and decent pay over the $8 an hour I used to make, and I’d be content to do that for quite a while. Especially since this company has it’s shit together, unlike the place I worked in college.

That’s why America has no future. Because America’s future is held in the grasp of big companies and politicians who want to sanitize the America. America is to become a gender neutral, politically correct, homegenized, inoffensive, basket of softies.

America continues to refuse to challenge itself and other countries will be soon be passing it on spades as they work circles around us like I would have worked circles around my coworkers.

So why is America in decline, can it be summed up nice and tidily?

I’ll try.

America is in decline because the HR bubble in corporate America has destroyed the employer-prospective employee relationship. No longer can you go into a large company and simply ask for the chance to prove yourself. No no no, there are legal considerations to be had and the administrative costs are too high to simply give someone a real opportunity. Instead we sit in our cubicles and analyze the applicants, only accepting those who have demonstrated the ability to be completely bland and blind. Those who parrot the corporate talking points found in every Fortune 500 company management structure. We can’t settle for people with ability out the wazoo if they don’t fit the tone.

America is in decline because American corporations think that a checklist of approved keywords is the end all be all of an applicants measure of success.

Took me a while to get there, but I think that last sentence summarizes quite well and is indeed tidy.

Googled human resources bullshit and found this gem of an article, puts it better more specifically about the HR crap and is actually a pretty darn nice blog.


Also found this nifty gadget too, the Corporate Bullshit Generator. If I ever get a chance I will use that in a meeting or interview with someone in the future.

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  1. Yep. Besides, are we not merely ‘human resources’ that can be retooled for any purpose?

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