Why is this so hard?

I’ve tried blogging before. Can’t say I was too successful. With the millions of blogs started, some aren’t concerned with readership.

I am and I didn’t have any. Then again I haven’t put too much effort into my recent attempts.

One was an outright failure. Hardly any visitors. Reason. By the time I put anything out it was old news and simply regurgitated news from elsewhere that I may have put a little touch of analysis on. The subject was football. Not the boring American version, but the boring rest of the world version.

Without abundant access to media, fans, and energy, it’s hard to write about something and be relevant. Sure with the internet I can find out what’s happening and I did. Problem is I couldn’t keep up. I didn’t have daily access apart from what I sought out online.

The other blog I had recently was my take on current events. Typical. It got some visitors, but never enough to really make it get noticed and it was inconsistent. Even though I can watch the news and “live” with the current events that are occurring concurrently, I still have no daily access except what I seek out. The topics I wrote about were always what I picked from what I found.

What’s my point? It’s hard when you don’t have a newspaper to follow. You see I’m from the Detroit area. A few years ago the major newspapers cut down to 3 day deliveries. Needless to say it’s just a little bit harder to keep up with things.

Of course I can get my news online and I do, but there’s something different about having to scour the internet finding buried stories and just flipping through 12-15 pages of paper and getting a substantial amount to choose from.

I’m not here lamenting the death of newspapers, just stating that they serve a worthy purpose. A well conducted daily summary that can be completed in 15 minutes, something you can never accomplish online.

With that said, this blog won’t be limited to a single subject. I expect it will be mostly about life, but if I want to write about news and politics I will, and if I feel inclined to mention football I will.

I won’t limit myself due to lack of easy to find news. I’m trying to make something work here. Keep in touch and let me know if I do.


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