More MidEast Mucking Up

I’m just getting a little sick of this as things deteriorate even further.

Let me get this straight. Somebody of no significance makes a film critical of Mohammed or Islam and the Muslim world goes crazy for blood, but we’re supposed to tolerate them?

We’re supposed to let it go while they rally in the streets burning flags, schools, and embassies in more and more countries everyday?

While the governments of these countries support the actions and turn around to lie and tell us it’s such a pity, we’re supposed to feel as if it’s our fault?

I’m a person inclined to say live and let live, everyone can do their own thing. But I’m also a person inclined to say screw you when I’m handed a bunch of crap and told it’s roses.

Liberal talking heads along with Hillary Clinton and Jay Carney are all saying it’s not a problem and not to blame the people who are in fact doing these things.

These people attack America and we are told that it’s nothing. That any reaction on our part is an overreaction.

Screw you and the horse you rode in on.

When will this country get its balls back.

I’m not calling for all out war, far from it in fact. What I would like to see though is someone from the political elite of this country exhibit enough cojones to make an unsanitized statement on the matter.

At this point in time I don’t even care if what someone says is offensive or crass so long as they actually mean it and stand for something other than being a sackless pussy.

A nation should not have to apologize for its citizens exhibiting their rights if they happen to offend the sensibility of a bunch of loons half way around the world who wouldn’t know sensibility if it came in the mail.

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  1. One Nation Under Sharia.

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