Apparently the big picture isn’t important in America

It’s Thursday, which is one of the three days I get a newspaper delivery. As I wrote about before I like my newspapers for their convenience factor.

Right there on the cover was this story;

Fueled by women voters, Obama widens lead in Michigan.

I’m not surprised Obama leads in Michigan. With it’s heavy doses of union labor, minorities, and do-gooder liberals this state is a democrats wet-dream.

However it brings up a question I regularly ask myself. Why when there is a larger, fundamental, everyone is going to be equally screwed problem facing this country do people insist on remaining single issue voters.

With “official” unemployment over 8%, real unemployment closer to 15%, national debt over $16 trillion(not counting unfunded liabilities), inflation causing the price of everything to increase, and Americans simply making less money than they did before, not to mention the numerous international issues that face the country, why do people insist on voting on such trivial issues like gay marriage, or “womens rights”(aka free birth control), and who’s going to pass out the most welfare with the least amount of requirements?

How happy will those gays be in their marriage after they lose their jobs? How happy will women be that they can choose their own contraceptive choices for free when they’re standing in line at the soup kitchen? How much welfare can we really count on when the entire nations productive force is skewered?

This country is facing the worst economic situation it has ever seen. The circumstances of the present state are so bad that the Great Depression will look like a childrens game compared to what will happen.

The United States of America is facing burdens too large and pursuing policies too reckless to avoid anything but that scenario from happening and when it does we’re all screwed. The hole that this nation will have to dig itself out of will not be done quickly and with the ever growing mentality that it’s the governments responsibility to fix it and take care of everyone we may never get out.

Instead we get statements like this from the article above;

“Obama inherited a very bad situation from President (George W.) Bush,” said Sarah Craft, 20, of Wixom, who’s excited to cast her first presidential vote for Obama. “I think he’s turning it around and we need to give him a second chance.”


Jordan Kemmerlin, 25, is supporting Obama because she believes he’s improving the economy and better understands women her age. “I think Mitt Romney is for the wealthy,” said the Coloma resident, who juggles full-time work with two young children. “He hasn’t had to go through what the middle class goes through. I don’t think he understands what the middle class stands for.”

Obama inherited a bad situation from Bush? Really, then why does he not only keep doing the same things economically, but actively pushing them harder? And why give him a second chance, if it means that the country won’t a second chance?

Who doesn’t love cookies?

Oh, he better understands women your age? If I had to guess, those two kids aren’t the fruits of a solid or even shaky marriage, but rather some hasty decisions made late one night. Does he really understand you, or just simply know how you can be bought?

Maybe free contraceptives is a good idea. Not cause their expensive and people can’t afford them, but simply to try and keep the numbers down.  An offer of free sterilization might just nip this problem in the bud.

If liberals had a economic plan of some solvency, it wouldn’t matter, but they don’t so instead the narrative that is picked up and pointed out by them is one of single issues.

Rather than deal with the arm that’s been ripped off by a bear these people choose instead to focus on the slivers in their other hand.

Fools. Half the damn country is fools and it makes me angry and upset.


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