Look out he’s got a peanut!

Obviously everyone went back to school recently(other than the kids in Chicago that is).

I learned that my nephew can’t take any peanut products to school in his lunch because apparently there’s a kid who’s allergic to peanuts there.

Naturally this means no Pb & J sandwiches, so much a staple of lunch I still eat them sometimes. There’s probably a few other things that will be excluded from some kids lunches because of  this but it’s mostly the sandwich that’s taking the hit.

How soft are we as a nation that several hundred kids have to accomadate 1 little pissant because he can’t be around peanuts?

Now this is America and no one should be shunned for anything, but no one else should have to be penalized to clear the way for 1 person either.

Not knowing anything about this I looked it up. 1% of the population has peanut allergies. Damn 1%ers hogging all the peanut allergies.

And apparently there is not yet a known cure for peanut allergies.  That being the case avoidance is really the only way to deal with the issue.

How then is it legitimately accepted that we have to make ridiculous precautions for 1 kid. If your kid has a known serious reaction to peanuts, to the point that even being in the same building as one is a concern, then why does the kid even leave the house, cause clearly it’s not a world safe for that child.

That’s where we’ll be in a generation or two if we continue this way. We’ll spend our whole lives in robotic lazyboys. Eating, sleeping, it will all be done in the chair. We’ll remain safe in the confines of our hermetically sealed homes.

Just because Johnny’s, wait no kids are named John anymore. Just because Hunter’s mom thinks he has a peanut allergy doesn’t mean he does.

Get full scientific proof your kids a 1%er. Then keep it at home. It’s a lot easier to inconvenience your 1 kid than hundreds of others.

What happened to the saying, “your rights end where mine begin”?

Again this is America and nobody should be shunned for anything, but if anyone has to make concessions it should be the person who has the issue that is being dealt with.

I’m not averse to the suffering of allergies. Though I think most people overblow what are simply intolerances to some particular thing.

Does this guy look like he’s allergic to peanuts?

I for have a reaction to dairy products. I’m not allergic or lactoseintolerant, I simply have increased symptoms of hayfever when I consistently eat dairy. However if I stop or minimize the amount of dairy i have the symptoms vanish.

Every suburban mom’s tendency to coddle their children and overreact to every single thing is falt out ruining this nations ability to support itself.

Check out this bro here. That’s somebodies grandpa 60-70 years ago. Do you think he’s worried about some measly little peanut causing a rash of his arm?


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  1. ahh…I was at a birthday party yesterday. My best friend’s youngest turned one. My kids, her kids, and apparently all other kids except for one were all allergy free and happy. A mutual friend is convinced her child has nut and egg allergies – but she was ok with him eating cake as long as didn’t have nut stuff in it. Nevermind the eggs in the cake…

    but the big kick for me was that my older daughter had eaten a peanut butter cup at grandma’s house just before she played with the peanut sensitive boy. She shared a fork with him and he was fine. I didn’t say anything because you can’t convert the faithful.

    Why fake or cling to unsupported claims about allergies? My nephew has a legitimate, medically verified dairy allergy. While not fatal, its effects (vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and a general hangover feeling) are a tought deal for the baby and his family. If you don’t have to deal with it, why pretend? Over at Vox’s place a few days ago, someone postulated that having a kid with some allergy or other was merely another badge of parental honor in a world where parents are increasingly less important, less valid, and less necessary to a child’s rearing.

    The State – it eats everything. We need a Commodore Decker to sacrifice himself to the Doomsday Machine before we all get devoured.

    • Everything is suspicious these days, because everyone thinks they are special. They crusade over some minute detail and treat their personal cause as the new American Revolution as if it actually matters.
      Truth is it’s just over-reactive parents and do-gooders. They’d rather make the world safe for one kid rather than having to deal with something and overcome it or learn to avoid it.

      It’s my belief that many allergies can be overcome, its just time consuming and not exactly practical. Instead we end up with things like peanut product bans in schools.

      Teddy Roosevelt is a classic example. As a child he was always sick and a rather weak and pathetic figure but he grew up to be a robust man of adventure. No special cure all, or sanitization needed.

      I don’t understand the desire to try and make the world a perfect place for these kids. The world is not perfect and never will be. It is cruel, mean, and not even close to being “fair” so why do we pretend that we can somehow cancel all that out. Not only will the kids be shocked to learn all this when they do get in to the world but they’ll be helpless to do anything about it because they won’t know how to deal with it.

      It’s not that modern science and medicine don’t have a place, but it’s hard to put peanut or dairy bans in the same category of seriousness as smallpox or polio.

      It’s first world problems.

      • We exacerbate the issues by attempting to subvert nature. Doing an end-run around our biology is doing us in (all end-runs do).

        I breastfeed and make my own baby food, eat paleo-ish with some WAP grain preparations and very, very low sugar in our diets save for occasions like birthday parties and holiday celebrations (with very little kids and a big family, you cannot be a diet zealot every second of the day). My kids are also not in daycare. I think being home with them, and keeping them in the home, as I and my siblings were until age 6 or so, is key: they go out and play with other kids but we are mostly in a self-contained home preschool/kindergarten environment. No anitbiotics needed because we don’t hang out in the petri dishes otherwise known as classrooms.

        Severe life threatening histamine responses are really very, very rare. Most sensible doctors would tell a parent to not worry (as mine does, but I’m not a worrier in the first place) but I also think most parents are hell-bent on worrying and protecting despite medical advice. You really, really, REALLY are not going to convert the allergy faithful. Better to just smile and nod and go on your way, and implement what you think will be the best for your own kids and yourself.

      • I’m not trying to convert anyone. Just trying to get myself mad enough to never let this kind of garbage have it’s place in my life.

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