The High Expectations and Overthinking Game

I was directed to an article on online dating yesterday. It’s here if you want to see it.

This is what they came up with from their study about dating profiles. Men want to see full body pictures and are interested in a womans physique, while preferring that women keep the writing about themselves brief.

Women on the other hand focus on the soft warm features of a mans smile and his eyes, while wanting as much written as possible.

These people had to do a study to figure this out?

Alright then let’s break it down.

Online dating is a false front. It allows everyone to put their best effort on show and so everything you see must be taken with a grain of salt.

Except men already take everything with that salt and women don’t.That’s why the men have more basic standards at the start.

A guy checking out girls online know’s that a few pictures and paragraphs about how she loves shopping and being with her girls isn’t going to to present a full or accurate image.

A guy realizes it’s impossible to find a perfect woman. Men are more realistic that perfect doesn’t exist. They go into these situations with low expectations and high standards.

Men want attractive women(there’s a surprise), so they want full body pictures. None of this here’s my face or I’m laying down in all my pictures so you can’t see my swinish body.

As for the profile content, men know it’s foolish to let a few standardized paragraphs be the basis of what someones like(which is why they don’t write as much about themselves). While men may be more judgemental in the looks department, when it comes to personality(which is what were always told really counts anyway right?) they are willing to explore things much further and would rather rely on  experiences to form that picture than someones self-analysis.

Now on to the women.

The complete opposite of men. They expect to find their Prince Charming©, and why not they’ve been promised him their whole life.

Unfortunately this leads to wholly unrealistic expectations. He’s gotta have good pictures, be actively social, have a career, a good family relationship, blah blah blah. There’s nothing new here, we all know the typical entitled American women now expects the world be given to her on a silver platter and men just can’t win. This is non-fat right?

They over-rationalize and think too much about empty conjectures. Women think that if a man isn’t good on paper/online then how could he possibly be good in person. Nevermind that she neglected to write about her $20,000 debt, or ex boyfriend she continually goes back to even though she says she knows better but she just cant help it it happens.

The old saying that women don’t shit or fart must be true, because they surely believe their shit don’t stink.

Online dating is a losing proposition for men. Each and every girl online gets more attention that he will. He’s likely to end up without choices if he sticks to online dating, while she’s gonna have the pick of the litter.

However, for the average beta that works out just fine. They don’t need options and are just glad doing everything they can for their little princess. It doesn’t matter how emasculating and belittling she is, he just didn’t try hard enough to make her happy and he know’s better next time, he can change like a transformer if it keeps her around to validate his pathetic excuse for calling himself a man.


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