Where has the Bandit gone?

It’s obvious men are decline. They have been for some time now. Not because they’ve necessarily lost it, how could the whole of male society simply misplace its manhood? The truth is that manhood in no longer PC and over the years men have slowly been emasculated by the increasing power of the womens.

They’ve chipped at away at the mountain of manhood for so long, that’s it no longer seen as  acceptable for the former ballsack bearers to even pretend to be men anymore.

But it’s not just the women to blame. They may have been active in choosing to erode the status of men, but it is the men themselves who are to be blamed for allowing it to happen and actively participating to get us at the point we are today.

There’s no more male figureheads anymore. It sounds funny to say but adults need role-models too and just who are men supposed to look to today, Zac Efron and Ashton Kutcher or their grandpa who never hugged them?

When our own President goes on afternoon tv and announces he’s simply eye-candy what hope can there be for the average man?

Out of boredom I went to the movies last week and saw Hit and Run the car chase flick with Dax Shepherd. I didn’t have expectations of great cinema but I was definitely not expecting the emotional pleadfest that took place.

Immediately the greatest car chase movie of all-time came to mind. Smokey and The Bandit.  So I started thinking, what besides the awesome stache of Burt Reynolds make the lead characters in these two movies different.

Answer, it’s a simple Alpha v Beta comparison.

The trailer doesn’t do it justice, but if you’re attentive you can pick up hints of the betaness in this movie.

In Hit and Run we have Dax’s character babbling on with explanations every time his girlfriend points out something wrong like how most of the people interested in this type of car(his hot rod lincoln) are rapists, how saying fag is mean, and how he lied to her about why he was in witness protection.

So what does he do, he dissembles and explains away. You’re right the people are a bit strange, hey I voted for gay rights and have gay friends, I lied because I love you and if you knew the truth I was afraid you wouldn’t.

She challenges him continuously and he explains, explains, explains. Baby I love you so much I don’t even care that you’re through me I’m still gonna help.

How he end’s up with the girl defies logic. I guess there’s room for a sequel where she leaves him for good.

Compare that to the 1977 classic of Smokey and the Bandit.

Burt Reynolds’ bandit character is running bootleg beer and stops to pick up a hitchhiking Sally Field.

In the middle of a crime, the Bandit doesn’t dissemble and apologize. He’s got a job to do, and he “gonna do what they say can’t be done”.

The bandit is eastbound and down loaded up and trucking. He’s a cool customer and doesn’t really care what Sally Fields character thinks or says. He sticks to his point and doesn’t really pay no mind to what she thinks. If she jumped out of the moving car he wouldn’t even stop to throw out her crap.

Her presence is something he can do without, though of course he keeps her around because of the way those high waisted 70’s slacks make her ass look.

He doesn’t need her, can do without her, but he’ll of course keep her around so long as it’s on his terms.

Even though the Bandit may be a criminal he’s still the good guy criminal. Charming yet outcome independent, freewheeling but kind and concerned about the little guy.

In Smokey and the Bandit Burt Reynolds wins the girl in the end because he’s a man and stands as such. In Hit and Run Dax Shephard wins the girl because that’s the way he wrote the script.

Those fortunate few who have had their eyes opened to the one-way society we’ve become wonder where has it all gone wrong. That is where. We men lack leaders to inspire us as a whole, we lack visible figureheads to let us know that it is not only acceptable but cool to be a man, a real man, and that it should be held dear and proud to be a man for it means something more than being mere eye candy who rationalizes and apologizes for every statement that is out of line with today’s western world.


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