What is the point in producing nothing?

There’s an article over at the economic collapse blog titled Why does our society look down on unemployed men so much?

The crux of the article is that as women have begun working more since the 1950’s the number of men working has been on a continual decline. From a high of just under 85% in the 1950’s to just under 65% now.

“Oh but the women are working now so it more than balances out” they say. Except that’s not true. As the article also mentions, unemployed men are more likely to be divorced or remain single. The result of feminist equality is equal for them but not so much for the men who are still expected to provide.

Although this is a social issue, it is at it’s core an economic issue. The United States lost millions of industrial jobs in that time. Jobs that will not be coming back. Manufacturing jobs, resource extraction jobs, good old fashioned lunch pail jobs that will never make their way back to this country.

Global warming has been proven to be a scam yet still we’ve stopped our efforts to get the coal and oil for the land under our feet.

We’ve stopped making cars, dishwashers, and even lightbulbs because it’s cheaper to do so elsewhere. Some of that is because of regulations on manufacturing that makes it inefficient to make those products here like CFL lightbulbs, but some of it is caused because our own success made it simply too costly to manufacture those products here like cars.

But still there is one more reason, the growth of the non-productive jobs insdustry. Human resources paper pushers guard the gates of employment with vigor and uselessness only equaled by the TSA.

Their forms, committees, and interview processes drag out the time and cost of employment and work qualifications. Then of course their own salaries and expenses must be added to the mix which of course comes out of the profit of the company.

Even beyond the role of human resources women often maintain roles in middle-management that do little but slow down the process of producing the actual product or service.

Of course administrative and organizational tasks are important and help a company maintain efficiency, but in the United States we’ve long overshot that standard. Now the government throws regulation upon regulation at industry and further bogs down their ability to produce eventually driving them out of business.

Of course it’s easier for the office staffers to move on and get new jobs. Once on industry is kaput, another will be next and will need more workers to handle the increased paperwork from the increased regulations, while the poor men who actually made the product will be left with nothing but memories.

Of course the woman’s workers paradise that we are heading towards is unsustainable. Not only because the lack of suitable male partners will destroy the birthrate(though don’t count out single motherhood just yet), but also because that paradise cannot support itself.

With no actual products to make or sell what will these leviathan HR departments do? Who will provide their budgets if their is no business left? The government cannot because the government got its money from the businesses it killed and in doing so killed the hand that fed it.

If all that is left in America is nursing, teaching, and marketing what exactly will be sold to fund the feminist dream?


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