Who buys what Black Americans are selling?

I’m not a christian, or even religious for that matter, I’m not black either. But I saw this video this morning and I liked it. Have a watch.

I respect the Bishop for taking a position against the engrained democrat position in black america.

Black Americans should be free to choose their our political party but as we see they remain loyal to democrats without question.

Is competition not motivational? Would it not make democrat leaders work harder on behalf of black Americans if they knew they could not take their votes for granted but actually had to earn them on merit?

Most black Americans however see the republicans as a threat and a danger to them, as if they would be sent back into the cotton fields on the first day of taking office.

The reason for this is that democrats and republicans have different views on what people should expect from government.

Democrats are willing to give any and everything they can to anyone just to make them happy. Republicans feel that those things should be earned and limited so as not to be abused by perfectly able people or anyone who wants to leach the system.

In lay terms, democrats will give you everything you want and demand nothing of you, a rewarding short-term method that provides the person no means of success in the future. Republicans want people to eventually be able to support themselves, a harsher short-term method but better in the long-term when that person is more self-sufficient.

Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty. STEPHEN KING, The Last Gunslinger

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
― Abraham Lincoln

Blacks in America would do good to foster competition between the parties for their votes. Loyalty given is much cheaper than loyalty earned.

Does an athlete threatened with losing his starting spot not try harder?

Beyond the reason of creating competition and thus value for their votes, black Americans might do well simply to try other alternatives.

What great measure of success can black america collectively hold up and say is an achievement only by the grace of the democrat party. Half a century on, what have they got to show for it?

Forty years of solid black democrat rule in Detroit has not made things better. Perhaps an alternative option will be more productive, at the very least it should inspire others to get their butts moving.

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