The trouble with the Messiah is….

There’s a very interesting article at the Washington Post. It’s titled “Is Obama overrated as a candidate”.

Finally someone in the news media has decided to ask that question, albeit 4 years too late.

The matter is summed up perfectly by the most recent comment, by ozone69;

I frankly thought he was overrated as a candidate in 2008. While he is an inspiring speaker, I did not see any tangible experience or successes in his past that would qualify him as President. He was an unremarkable state legislator (voting “Present” more times than not), spent very little time in the Senate, and no executive or leadership experience of any kind.

That’s exactly the world we live in today. Where it doesn’t matter so much that you know what you’re doing or can even be judged as competent, but rather that you look and sound cool while doing it.

Unfortunately the shine is wearing off for Obama. After 4 years of what is par for him, many Americans are seeing him for what he is. Namely, not a leader.

While Obama can brag about having female voters, and black voters he is losing ground  with the competent, common sense, American crowd.

Scandal after underreported scandal and he still gets a pass from  the majority or women and blacks without question. Yes it’s a democracy and it’s won by majority of votes(sort of), but shouldn’t there be something to say for quality of your constituency?

Shouldn’t a vote with the mind trump a vote with the eyes?

It wasn’t necessarily expected that the economy be restored to full health in four years, but dammit it shouldn’t have gotten worse. That doubles down now that we know the recovery started in 2009 and was stamped out on Obama’s watch.

But what about the DOJ, Libya, China, inflation?

Now that the wonderboy has been under the microscope we see he hasn’t produced anything of merit. He doesn’t even have the ability to lead or take charge let alone responsibility.

This is the guy we want leading us? A guy who won’t admit to anything, blames others for everything, and prefers to spend his time on daytime tv shows rather than working on the plethora of ongoing crisis’.

His only plan is to return to the era of Bill Clinton. Now that may not be so bad, except he’s not Bill Clinton. How can his biggest economic talking point be that he wants to take credit for someone else’s work and half the country doesn’t even think to question the legitimacy of such a leaders ability?

The problem with voting for the messiah is that ultimately you find out he’s not.

Doesn’t Mitt sound like he know’s what he’s talking about. Sure the videos edited, but it blows away the best John McCain ever had, let alone Obama.


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