What makes women so pathetic?

We know that men can be and are when it comes to women. That the current majority of men take what they can get from women and are willing to put up with a lot of crap to get it. Not only that, but they pay for the privilege too.

But what about women, what makes them pathetic? Not as in relation to the type of men just mentioned, though those women may be pathetic in a way they’re the ones in control.

What I mean is pathetic women who are like the men mentioned above.

I ask this because women consistently fall in love with me despite me making no effort or having no interest and not even knowing them.

I don’t really think they’re in love with me, but that’s what it is and that’s even what some say. I say it’s more like swooning.

It’s gotta be the looks that get their attention.

Considering how much notice it gets me, I must be a really attractive man. I know i’m at least good looking, but comparably I must be up there. Women always want to find some celebrity to compare me too, and I’ve yet to meet one who won’t compliment my smile. While I may be an average height skinny dude, any chicky who gets to see me shirtless is probably going to add sexy to her list of adjectives about me.

The looks may get their attention, but what is it that keeps them around, and in many cases say they love me or at least speak as if they have great plans for our future. (Mind you i’m not dating these girls when they say or imply these things).

I’m intelligent, witty, and generally don’t care much about anything. I’m that sense you can call me stoic(of the greek manner) and I take that as a compliment. Still I wouldn’t claim myself to have a great personality. People I know might say that, but strangers or people I don’t regularly associate with would not.

So why do these women fall in love with me? They’re not they’re not exactly what we’d call the bottom of the barrel. I’m sure the each and every woman out there who puts her spandex yoga pants to their maximum stretch would indeed like a piece, but due to their nature I don’t associate with their kind. The women I attract are what passes for normal women, or at least what used to be called normal. Not necessarily supermodels but normal women who aren’t fat, skanks, or have habits.

I ask this question today because a friend of mine recently professed her love for me. We’ve known each other for some years, but because we live quite a distance apart never see each other. Earlier this year I happened to go to her city so we spent a few hours together.

Now she’s told me she loves me and should’ve done something about it. I keep saying there’s nothing to be done and even if there was I wouldn’t want to cause I look at her more like family(yuck) than a friend.

Still she doesn’t get it. She goes on and on about how I’m acting strange and not responding to her lately.

Of course I’m not responding, everything she says is about how she wishes she’d done something or how I’m making her feel like an idiot for saying these things. Why would I respond when that only dug the hole deeper the first 3 times I responded?

A situation  similar to this also happened earlier this year when a Latin girls behavior made me think she thought we were in a relationship and I was some kind of Prince.

How is it women think they are in love with someone they really don’t know.

Though I’ve known my friend for years, she doesn’t know what I’m like to live with. What I’m really like when I’m at my worst and not when we’re talking about the things or other friends we have in common.

Give a woman an inch and she’ll take a mile. Give her six and she’ll smile.

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  1. Well most of them are certainly the Biggest Cheaters Today.

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