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I don’t remember where it was, but yesterday I read an article somewhere about the economy.

The point was that people aren’t working, but damnit if they don’t have contraceptives and healthcare.

The comments section for some reason went off on gay marriage. The main topic brought up was how do you know where to draw the line with marriage. If gay people get married and negate the purpose of reproduction what would stop someone else from marrying their dog, car, sex toy, or even family members.

This is where we are as a society. That we can’t just simply use common sense, everything has to be a complicated legal mess that plans for every contingency.

Why can’t we just say that any adults who choose to enter into a legal contract are free to do so with any other adults.

You want to marry your dog. Is he a legally recognized adult? No, too bad for you.

How simple was  that?

We extend one stipulation. You can’t marry direct family members(though that’s up to the states to decide). That’s the only other stipulation and it doesn’t have to be justified as to why or why not.

Why don’t we, as a nation, quite arguing every MFing individual point or sematic and get back to being productive.


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