Women are more equal than men

Did you know that women are really strong and independent?

So much so that they need the courts to protect them simply for being women while making no mention of any protection for men.

I’ve been hearing political ads on the radio recently, and one of them is this ad.

I’m not saying anything about the judges, or their rulings, fact is I know nothing about them.

I just find it interesting that women deserve the full protecting interest of the law.

Isn’t justice supposed to be blind? If so then why is there any mention of men or women, black or white? If those circumstances don’t have any role to play in say getting a job, why should they be a key component to practicing law and dishing out justice?

If we’re supposed to be judged based on our abilities, or in the case of a courtroom our innocence, what does the presence of a Y-chromosome have to do with any of that?

Isn’t it a bit biased to suggest that men are a threat to women but not vice-versa?

How can that even be possible when most men are supplicating beta-males with no cojones whom the women have to frequently tell to “man up”.

The problem with feminism is that in the name of equality, they are not simply promoting women, but denegrating the status of men. Not very equal is it?


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