Guns Everywhere!

I was surrounded by dozens of armed men today.

They had all kinds of guns. Pistols, shotguns, “assault rifles”, hunting rifles.

What caused this absurd action, and how did I manage to escape alive?

I was at a gun show. A gun show in a city that is perenially ranked as one of the most dangerous in America. Flint, Michigan.

I was at a gun show surrounded by tables of guns and dozens of people carrying guns on their person and not a single person was shot.

Imagine that. Armed law-abiding citizens gathered with enough weapons and ammo to equip a small army and take over another country and not a single person was hurt or threatened.

There were all kinds of people too. An old white man with a shotgun, a youngish black man with an AR15. Everyone was there men, women, black, white, asian, the smattering of demographics is America.

Not a person was hurt and what’s more amazing is that this scene repeats itself every weekend in innumerable cities across this country.

Let’s say 1 show per weekend per state by 50 weeks and we’ve got 2,500 shows a year by a conservative estimate. Thousands of visitors each and nary an issue, they can’t get on gun-control quick enough. Look’s what happening with all these responsible law-abiding citizens, it’s a travesty and clearly guns are a problem because no one can ever manage a gun with responsibility.


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