Rioting might be a good thing

It’s not really been a secret that black and white Americans have a little contempt for each other. I wouldn’t say downright hatred, though for some that is certainly the case.

However it’s been interesting to view the past 4 years since we as a nation were supposed to have become “post racial”.

Who got to make that decision by the way? Because we now see it was pure baloney.

The AP “study” that recently came out said 51 percent of Americans have some kind of prejudice against blacks, up from 48 percent since 2008. Of course most polls typically  have a +/- range of 3 points so maybe it hasn’t changed at all, but realistically I’d say the number is probably even higher.

Polls/surveys are a tricky thing because you can manipulate not only the data, but also manipulate the way the questions are asked which will impact the way the answers are reported.

Of course reading the comments on the huffpost article makes you think that it’s somehow all whiteys fault. However I’d say on the whole, individually most Americans go through their day to day lives and don’t make trouble about the race of those they interact with. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change anything what color your UPS or salesman is.

The fact is that most white Americans are not overtly racist but are rather sick or black culture being trotted out as so legitimate it can’t be criticized when it’s proven to be pretty much the worst option available.

That being said, there’s also a lot of murmuring going on these days about what might happen if Mitt Romney wins the election.

Frankly, I’d like to find out. For one because I see Romney as the better candidate(the adult in the room), but also because I would like to find out if there’s any real bluster behind these breezes. Tweeting about riots is not the same as actually giving enough of a shit to do so.

I think rioting based on a Romney win would make what is a taboo topic suddenly pretty damn important. Important enough to quit avoiding.

America has racial problems, but we’re never given the opportunity to confront those problems because whomever tries is branded a racist and shutdown.

Riots would be a catalyst for real change and it would stem not from some social engineering legislation but would be a true grassroots movement. The Detroit riots of the late 60’s created that cities current state of affairs and many other American cities have had similar experiences.

Full on race riots would force America to no longer use a velvet glove when talking about race but rather a set of brass knuckles instead. No more ‘you can’t say that you hurt my feelings’ BS, but a force to be reckoned with of ‘this is the problem, fix it or fuck off’.

Race riots would certainly divide the country but the Civil war did as well and it’s pretty much safe to say the country came out better for it in the end. I’m not suggesting a civil war, but rather that harsh events lead to serious changes.

Words are nice and impressive, but they don’t get any thing done. Real change has to be performed it can’t merely be insinuated.

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  1. Riots would clear a lot of air.

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