50+50=100 percent of America

Ukraine just had parliamentary elections on Sunday. Now that the votes are in it appears that President Viktor Yanukovych’s party is going to maintain a majority in parliment and have more of a free hand to do much of whatever it wants.

Primary opposition leader and former PM Yulia Tymoshenko was jailed long by Yanukovych and it’s just a question of what they will get away with now. The opposition parties can ally, but that is likely not going to be enough.

This bothers me. Having spent several weeks in Ukraine earlier this year I can personally say that Ukrainians are collectively some of the nicest and most helpful people in the world. The country is rough around the edges but the people are great. So it bothers me to think that dog Putin will have an easy time strong arming this country(along with the rest of Europe) and all those nice people who want better things and would be a great benefit by proxy to America if they were allowed to authentically govern themselves.

This made me think of things here in America with our election next week.

Our house is increasingly divided. It seems that the longer we’ve had our current President the more that’s been true. No doubt the election and all it’s weight has added to that pressure as we’ve gotten closer to the day.

It’s important to remember(cause some people can’t seem to) that whomever is elected, though they will only receive about half the votes, is still in service and beholden to all Americans. The winner is not given free rein to execute the goals of his constituency at the expense of the others. This is still America and we are all equal under the law, constitution, and rights of man as recognized by this nation.

Though they may have lost their ideas are still to be recognized and given credence and not to be waved off because they didn’t win.

I say this as it applies to all politicians in America, but really I think it is something that needs to be pointed out more to one side than the other.

Ukraine is not weak and neither is America.


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