Fair share is crap – Part 2

Fair share is crap. This might become a regular thing. Here’s the first instance of it https://odinslounge.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/fair-share-is-crap/

Today’s question is this…

If non-producers get rewarded so well under fair share redistribution schemes, what should the producers get?

We don’t want to be mean and take their money without so much as a thank you right? So what should they get in return for propping up the non-producing masses who’ve then refused to work cause they’ve had all their needs met and still have all that free cash to spend?

Perhaps they should get priority privileges. Designated lanes on the highway, skip airport security, everything shipped priority air.

Maybe they can get special houses in the countryside where they can get away from the city and the proletariat.

If we are going to redistribute peoples wealth, it’s only fair that they get something in return.

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