The Big Apple is spoiled

Tragedy brings forth a great opportunity to showcase mistakes.

I thought New York City was supposed to be the greatest city in the world. Speaking from a non-opinion, but matter of fact measure NYC is supposed to be the best city in the world. Sure London and Tokyo can compete but New York is in America so it wins by default of truly unlimited possibilities available.

New York City is also a liberal stronghold. One can easily say that outside of Washington DC no city is more important to America.

Liberals claim to be smart(though studies show conservatives are actually more intelligent, but that’s another story).

So if a great many of the great minds in America are in New York City how can it be that people find themselves with gas, and electricity days after hurricane sandy struck?

How come everyone else in the nation heard about it continuously for 2-3 days before it came but the people in New York simply imagined it was going to be no more than a standard rain storm to the point they didn’t prepare.

Of course I mean prepare in the sense of stocking food, water, and gas but more importantly is the mental preparation that is required in such occasions.

I’ve never been in a hurricane so I can’t say what it’s like, but Sandy was not a storm of epic proportions. It was a big storm that created a big wash which ended up flooding the subways(funny thing how water settles in the lowest point aint it?), and also as a result a large area and number of people lost their power.

If you knew it was coming shouldn’t you at least be prepared mentally to deal with some hardships? Apart from the people who died, nothing that was lost can’t be replaced and those who think so need work on their ability to recall memories.

It doesn’t require much to face hardship, no more than admitting to yourself that things are going to get bumpy for a short time.

I was one of the people who lost power for a few days during the blackout of 2003. For me it was out for only 2-3 days but it was still entirely unexpected and nobody was prepared for it. Further still, due to storms, the power goes out a few times a year in which I have no power for a day or two.

Not being prepared for the power to go out you deal with it. Eat the refridgerated food first, go to a relatives who has power for your necessities if possible and if not then it doesn’t really matter if you don’t shower for 3 days you still have deodorant.

I was a high school senior when the power went out in 2003. It’s the first time I can recall having been without power for what I call an extended period of time. I learned something very useful from it as well. How to shit in a plastic grocery bag, place the bag behind your ass with your arms through the handles with your hands pulling forward to create a nice seal around your ass. Bend your knees a little to get over the bag and let it go. Modern day sanitary survival all in the safety of your own home.

If you’re so desperate and in need of gas that you’ll wait in line for hours just for 2-gallons of it, you better have all your other priorities fully met cause I’m sure there are plenty of things you can do with that time. If it’s so bad that it’s reminiscient of Berlin circa June 1945, why are you spending time waiting for gas rationing?

Here’s the moral of the story. When hell comes, whether it’s in a handbasket or not, nobody can help you more than you. Not FEMA, not the national guard, not Obama ‘the messiah’ himself.

When the shit hits the fan and sprays itself all over the wall there’s too much going on to  get every single thing for every single person to stupid to bother with themselves in the first place.

A tornado in Iowa may rip up a trailer park but at worst it only affects a few hundred people in the area, thousands if it’s a biggun.

But 8+ million people in New York City alone and you think even 10% can effectively get help you’re fooling yourself. Beyond that, since so many people in a big dense city are going to be affected similarly, they can’t/won’t help each other in the same manner possible that those in Iowa would help their neighbors because most of them haven’t even been affected.

The last point to make is something Obama said at the beginning of episode sandy. Paraphrasing “Let’s cut through all the red tape and simply get the help to where it’s needed”. Great idea, pragmatic as any, except if we’re going to cut the red tape in a time of emergency and prove that it’s nothing but useless government bloated red tape, why not just get rid of it permanently?

If it’s a hindrance to work in times of bad, why rational can there be to keeping it in times of good if it serves no legitimate purpose?


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