It’s over

What can be written today without covering the election results.

Say what you will about Mitt Romney as a candidate and the system being broken and useless. I still voted for what I thought was the better option. I tried to hold out that the country could be saved even if it wasn’t certain it at least had a chance.

I’m not surprised that so many people voted democratic, but I simply can’t understand why so many people voted for Obama. The man has been a complete and abject failure as president and couldn’t lead a troop of brownies(well maybe). The fact that that many  people consider him to be even a mediocre leader is absurd.

Then again I consider myself informed and knowledgeable on  my nation, the same cannot be said for the majority of people in this nation.

So I join those who say that an Obama win has a silver lining. That his continuation in office will show just what a disaster liberal governing is.

I have no doubt this country will be crippled(hello insurmountable debt) and liberal policies will be at its core, but I cannot be for certain whether the people who voted for such obviously inept liberal programs will understand, in the future, that those programs have failed. If they aren’t smart enough to figure it out now, why would they be smart enough to figure it out in future. Their M.O. on failed policies so far has been to double-down and throw in more of what caused the very problems they created in the first place.

America was once the only nation in the world where it’s people were truly free from the burden of government while all other nations were bound as servants and slaves to their monarchs. With that concept being routed out, what will happen to that idea, where will they all go? The patriots and proud Americans who want to fight to get their country will have nothing left to claim. A minority that is smart, but with too much integrity, will not be able to overcome the great masses and their overwhelming collective power and numb minds who demand free shit and think it’s freedom.


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  1. I almost didn’t vote yesterday and then decided i better to try to prevent another four years of Crapboma. i don’t have tv right now so when my friend texted me that he was re-elected , i was beyond pissed off and still am. The man ain’t done shit to help the people or the country in the last four years.

    • When people say they don’t want to vote because it doesn’t matter, I’m partially inclined to agree with them that the system is indeed broken/spoiled.

      At the same time however, that mentality is no way to change it. If people aren’t willing to partake in the effort to change things than they never will. If you don’t like either candidate that person should at least vote for a 3rd party candidate and try to send the message that they are sick of the crap and lack of seriousness. As the saying goes if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

      If all the people who said their vote doesn’t count or the two candidates are the same voted for a 3rd party candidate they could probably give that person enough votes to challenge on at least the popular vote portion.

      Glad to hear you voted chasynleigh.

  2. I wish it were so easy; yet the fact I voted for Romney in no way dminishes the fact I knew; and wanted Obama to win!

    I have to be honest; I feel we have far too many disingenuous welfare recipients; and the liberal elite who shelter them all. We don’t have enough political clout to stop them! Also, as a Non-Custodial Parent I have very little way to counteract some of their more personal attacks.

    No, they needed four more years.

    Merely so they are without excuse. The Internet has roundly put the microscope on them all. The American Public is restless; and those who support all and sundry are going to want to collect the check they worked so hard for. When that is completely taken ad denied too; who will they get to fight their wars, and pay their bills?

    Single moms?! I doubt it.

  3. I welcome other opinions, even if I may not agree. If you have a chance, read some of the political posts, on my blog. I am a former reporter and a big, fact checker. I have charts, quotes from major economists, including a Republican, that if Romney did everything he said he would, it would lead to a deeper recession.
    Bring a woman, might be enough influence to vote a certain way, because the party has gotten too conservative and they have actually lost some good moderates, because nothing can get done.
    But.. it’s Romney’s history I didn’t like. The election’s over, but it might be interesting for you to look at the other argument. You don’t have to agree. Just another opinion. I still find us fortunate to live in a country, where we have a right to vote, and vote for who we want. Right there, is reason for Americans to celebrate.

    • You may not like Romney and I have my own doubts as to whether he could have truly fixed the long term economic problems in America however I’m also a pragmatist and know inept leadership when I see it. I give everyone/thing and idea the benefit of the doubt to prove itself.

      I don’t ask for perfection, just that those entrusted with responsibility act accordingly, I don’t see that from our current President.

      You say everything Romney would do would lead to a deeper recession, yet only 2 days after the election “fiscal cliff” is the new term du jour in the headlines everyday, a fact that does not relate in anyway to Romney since he lost. So what do we have to say about Obama who himself has not offered up a legitimate plan.

      Maybe that is the problem, that in America we vote for who we want when instead we should be voting for is better for America.

      • The “fiscal cliff” is not a party term. It has been used for months now. By Jan a lot of programs are expiring, most that Obama didn’t put in place. They need to revise them and get them back on the books. This is done during the lame duck session. If they ignore it, we will fall off the cliff. You might want to pull up some articles as to thhe ramifications of what will happen if both parties don’t come to terms.
        I think there were many issues and still are. Congress rejected over 3,000 bills propsed in congress over the last 4 years Obama was in office. When Mitch McConnell says, “Our primary goal should be to make Obama a one term president,” was despicable. How does that help us, the American people ? Congress has had the worst record since 1947. Out of 4,000 bills, they passed 61.
        Boehner and Obama had a deal on cutting the deficit. He had to reneg because of the pressure from his party. Read up on Grover Norquist, if you don’t know about him. He owns the Republican party and is one of the most powerful men in Washington.
        I am not trying to convince you of anything. I was and still am a reporter, so I’m a big fact checker and that’s on both sides.
        If you get a chance, reaf my post on Veteran’s Day. Both parties agreed to pass a bill for our Vets to help them get jobs when they came home. There were 95 yeas and 5 nays. This would have cost a billion over 5 years. Don’t we owe it to them ? The Republicans ccame back about a week later and said no.
        Personally, I’d like to kick all these career politicians out and start with fresh faces.
        As far as what I said about Romney, I did a lot of research and all the economists said what he was proposing was impossible, including a Republican conservative, who said he was voting for him, but that his plan wouldn’t work. That’s all. I just wish they would all work together, for us, not their own agenda. Let’s hope this term is different and works.

      • Guess what we don’t need 4,000 bills, just like we don’t need 6,000 or 10,000. How many things could be that important that humans have come this far without it but we just can’t go any longer without?

        Grover norquist owns the republicans. How is that different from the teamsters, NEA, or Al Sharpton owning the democrats? They’re all bought and paid for so given the choice i’d rather pick the side that’s more sensible when it comes to spending money they don’t have.

        As for Romeny’s plan not working, tell me exactly what is Obama’s plan? The failed concept of Keynesian economics, the old starlight of liberal economics that shouldn’t have even survived the modeling process? William the Conquerer weakened England after becoming king in 1066 by raising taxes. He discouraged the various levels of landowners to produce by increasing the taxes on them. When they realized they got less reward for more work they simply stopped and thus he took in less. Almost 950 years and we still have to learn this today? So much for those fancy Harvard & Yale educations.

        Economy comes from the market(i.e. people) not the government. Hence the term “consent of the governed”, they derive their power from us not us from them.

        We can both agree that the government is broken so let’s look at what’s happened to get us here. We have more goverment.
        The government is bigger than it was 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, years ago. As the government gets bigger it also gets more broken. This is a correlation. You think that you can ride it out like a bull and that somehow you can control it. I realize the naivete in that idea and thus would rather kill the damn thing and work on raising its offspring but this time ensuring its discipline is maintained, lest we have to kill that one too.

      • I think we can agree to disagree. I’m a fact checker. There are errors on both sides. The only problem I have is when people, and I am not referring to you, but in general, don’t have the correct information.
        As far as the largest expansion of government, the irony is that if you look at history, it’s usually not the Democrats that are big spender. The largest expansion of government came from the Bush era. It was the largest expansion of gov. in 70 years.
        In his 2nd term, he spent the 2nd largest amount of the federal spending budget. 8.1%. Reagan spent the most ay 8.7%. Obama has actually been the tighest with the dollar sonce Eisenhower. A fact. If you want, you can look at one of my political posts that has charts from a nobel prize winning economist.
        But in the end, I think there are way too many ego’s, obstructionists, men who have made politics their career and benefited greatly for themselves, rather than us, too many conservatives,fanatics and so on. Religion doesn’t belong in politics either. The constitution says separation of church and state and there should be.
        I hate to say this, but I don’t have a lot of hope from either party, unless they agree to work for us, not for their own agenda. And personally, the lobbyists have too much money and control in Washington. My opinion is the majority of votes are already bought. So we can ague about the periphery, but we probably want the same result. I just don’t know if I’m that optimistic anymore.
        Did you ever see the movie “The Inside Job ?” It cane out a few years ago. I watched it then and again last week. A lot of insight into the corruption.

      • It’s true he has the lowest growth between years, that still doesn’t change the fact that we had trillion dollar plus annual deficits. The point is he’s still presiding over the biggest budget and budget deficits in history and the numbers for them don’t add up and never will.
        That’s like saying that eating 6,000 calories a day is okay because your intake is flat and isn’t increasing further, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you, you will die from it sooner rather than later. And the fact that this is from a Nobel Prize winner makes it that much more of a joke. The student of the week at Pine Hill Elementary School has more clout than any Nobel winner as far as I can tell.
        I thought you were a fact-checker? Your bias is showing, as is mine.
        All I ask of people is to stop sweeping the dirt under the rug and calling it clean. It’s okay to admit when things went wrong but it’s better to do it when you still have a chance to fix them.

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