Is the end really near?

My post election piece was titled, It’s overfitting because the election was over and in my mind I felt that America itself was probably done in as well.

From bouncing around online and reading different blogs there is one thing that has been quite noticeable to me. That is the number of it’s over style posts from various blogs and sites big and small.

However, as I do it with everything, I think it’s reasonable to question that idea. Is America really doomed? Haven’t there always been naysayers and predictors of doom since time immemorial? Not just those related to a single nation but also those predicting the end of the world, there found in every era in every country so it’s not a new phenomenon. Sometimes they’re right, but more often they’re wrong and the legitimacy/sanity of their ideas may be undoubtedly questionable.

Though predictions like these may prove wrong more often than not can they be disregarded at this juncture. I ask because of the number of people making similar predictions. While there are still the same kooks making those predictions as always, the number of people making predictions of this nature have increased innumerably.

These are intelligent people, it’s not a realm exclusively for religious nuts and the lunatic fringe anymore. Sure they are all almost exclusively going to be conservative, libertarian, or possibly independent, but does that mean their points aren’t valid if they represent half the point of view.

All one has to do is browse the blog world for a day to find countless examples of these predictions.

However, America is a strong nation and it is resilient. It can absorb quite a few blows with only a minor stumble to its forward progress.

So I ask, are the predictions of doom for America legitimate or not?

A lot of that depends on what you consider doom. Is America doomed if it becomes a weak and pacified nanny state like those of Europe or must doom of a nation include full destruction of itself whether it be from civil war, being conquered, or the seizing up of all economic activity. Does the nation have to be destroyed physically or does a breaking up of the 50 state union suffice? Can it be said that America is destroyed if it is simply no longer identifiable as what it once was?

Obviously there are a lot of possibilities so let’s avoid semantics for now as that’s a subjective question.

Are the predictions of America’s downfall, an area once reserved for cultists, now to be a legitimately recognized possibility.

I think yes. Please comment and share what you think.


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