Can makers isolate the takers?

Makers and takers has become a popular term since the election. The makers are the conservatives, the Romney voters, those who want to work hard and keep their money. The takers are the liberals, Obama voters, those who want to not work and keep other peoples money.

Examples and statements of this abound on the internet. Here’s a few;

Gucci Little Piggy – Enabled

Matt Forney – Dildos, Takers & Makers

Daniel J. Mitchell – How the Welfare State Hurts the Poor and Causes Unemployment

Who is M3 – Demise of Civilization a feature not a bug

GrouchyOldCripple – We Have Lost

Chateau Heartiste – Why Single White Women Vote Overwhelmingly for Democrats

American Third Position – It’s Over   via Captain Capitalism

Captain Capitalism – A Lesson in Economics for Immigrants
Also from the Captain is this brilliant video, I Am the State

These are just a few posts and only from the sites I regularly read, and what do we see? A collection of analysis on the makers vs takers problem. Some are economic, some are manosphere, some are cultural, the vignettes are varied but the point remains the same. America is now a country where half the people make and the other half take.

So here is the ultimate question I ask. How can we adjust society so that the makers can continue making while the takers are left out in the snow without their promised gifts.

Of course, on the path we are presently on it’s only a matter of time before the makers become but a stuffed and mounted exhibit in museums, but we should want to avoid that.

Is there a way to circumvent the leviathan so that to prevent the takers from getting their take at the expense of the makers?

I ask this question and post these links in the hope that these great minds will come and read this question, think of any possibilities and if not comment then post their own thoughts on it.


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  1. “Is there a way to circumvent the leviathan so that to prevent the takers from getting their take at the expense of the makers?”

    Here is my take on the matter. First off Romney would not have been measurably different from Obama, and as demoralizing as a Romney loss was, he at least said he would govern according to traditional principals if not in actuality, it might be better off for us in the long term. You see the economic collapse will continue and will come to its inevitable conclusion before 2016, I just don’t see us extending and pretending for another 4 years. At that time Obama and the progressives, the takers if you will, will entirely be holding the bag. They will be hard pressed to blame constitutional free market principals for the mess. Now if Romney had won they would have a much easier time making this argument, whether or not the argument is based in reality doesn’t matter.

    What this means is that we need to spend the next four years altering the GOP into the party it claims to be. Put real constitutional conservatives/libertarians in positions of power. Continue to argue for the cause of freedom and personal responsibility. And when the time comes be ready to act when the final act opens.

    History has shown that groups, who may be outnumbered ideologically at the time, can end up taking the forefront because they were better organized, and took the opportunity a crisis gives them. Evil ideologies, National Socialism and Lenninism, have done this, so it stands to reason that ideologies based on fundemental truths and that are uplifting, constitutional conservatism, should have a much easier time.

    So that is what we do. Argue harder for liberty. Point out the economic foolishness of progressivism at every turn. Propose counter policies to economically unsound ones. And establish a network that is ready to spring into action during the next moment of crisis. Take back the GOP, take back local governments, take back state governments, and then finally take back the country. We really have no other option because there is no ‘new’ world to emigrate to today.

    • I agree completely. That’s what spurred the question for me. How do we slog thru the mess without exactly being complicit in the downfall. You did a good job answering the question, power does indeed come from the bottom.

      One things for sure, when it does all crumble they’ll find someone else to blame.

  2. My personal answer is just to live off the grid as much as possible. As a young man of 27 I make less than 20k a year, yet live comfortably. No car, cheap rent (375 a month for a big place between hispanic and hipster part of Chicago), cook for myself often. Biggest expenses besides,apartment and food are my smart phone, internet, and going out for drinks.

    I’m not on any government entitlement programs because I think they’re trash and make people lazy. I hate them. I have a masculine pride that wouldn’t let me ever be on them. I keep as much as my money untaxable as I can through under the counter work and tax exemptions available for lower incomes/contractors. Arguably this could be considered ‘taker’ but whatever, I have no issues with wealthy using tax loopholes and feel no guilt for using what I can to keep the government from taking my money to give to entitlement programs.

    • Thanks for the comment. Sounds like we’ve got a few things in common.

      I consider makers anyone who works to support themself. They don’t have to be a business owner, just that they are responsible for “making” their own life.
      On the other hand I consider a taker anyone who simply feels they’re entitled to everything for no reason other than making it out of the birth canal alive.

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