The times they are a changing

When you think of the Vietnam War era you think of a changing America. The social revolution that occured is supposed to have changed America. We were supposed to have gone from a society of elites, and big shots of the establishment to the young, streetwise rabble who were going to change the world and make America a better place. A place that was more loving, caring, and peaceful.

It’s probably safe to analyze that now. It’s been 40 years since the end of Vietnam and the era of peace and love, that generation has had plenty of time to replace the old establishment, so what have they become. It’s quite simple really, they are the new establishment.

The protests of the sixties and seventies for equality, fairness, peace, love, blah blah blah how much closer to any of that are we today?

Are blacks and women better off now, are they equal to whites and men because the government takes care of them or is it that because the government umbilical cord remains attached that they are less likely to achieve anything, individually and collectively.

No. Truth is they’re at best probably in the same spot they found themselves in 40 years ago, they just don’t have shag carpet anymore.

The new establishment has sold out. They sold their ideals for money once they realized they could, but they still have the gall to claim that they work for those ideals. I guess in a way they do, throwing money at a problem, though ineffective, is still an effort in a way.

It’s ironic that the 60-70’s generation protested everything imaginable, at least it appears that way to me. Everyone issue of social injustice they could perceive they marched for.

And what do they do today? They mock the TEA party and even go so far as to label them homegrown terrorists, though they aren’t so critical of the Occupy movement even though their motivation is 50% aligned with the TEA party. Being on the “proper” side of the aisle has its benefits no doubt.

Each group is angered at the governments unrestrained spending and/or funding of piss-poorly run banking operations while they remain unemployed. And what does the government do, not a thing. A little lip service here, an appearance on a cable show there and it’s nose back to the grindstone as they work so hard to provide solutions for the problems we’ve had for years.

What’s the point of my rant? Frankly, I didn’t know. I just thought it was an interesting thing to point out that the generation that protested their fathers government won’t let their kids or anyone else have a say. Maybe cause they realize from their own experience that nobody can have honest convictions so why move over.

But that does give me a point, never trust a man who places  his lifes work on a set of ideals that are not factually or historically supported. He can only hope to sell out and get rich at your expense since the ideas themselves are a fools dreams.

People like John Kerry sold out their ideals because their ideals weren’t/aren’t achievable. They sold them out, but instead of taking the money and running, they took the money and stayed. To try convince us that their ideals were still good, and could be achieved if only we tried a little more. 40 years on, we’ve tried a whole lot more and it’s gotten us as a nation nowhere, while it’s gotten them awfully rich.



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