Talk is Cheap

Yesterdays news cycle was big on Hillary Clintons visit to Jerusalem and press conference with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Here’s video of the statements she made;

Luckily the Israelis are not so easy to fool, because I for one can’t help but feel that her statements are nothing but a bunch of phoney baloney talking points.

Why would Israel think that America would support it based on some going through the motions statement that clouds the actual situation. Clintons words are hollow, there’s no value to them. I don’t mean that as a dig at her personally, but that the support America has shown Israel has been tenuous at best and has come without a real display or commitment to that truth in four years.

If I were Israel I would not only prepare to do whatever I must without any American assistance, but even be prepared to face the possibility of America finally denouncing me. If they can’t make a clear statement, why would their actions be any clearer?

Which brings me to this point. If their was legitimacy or value to Clintons words, why does she have to read them from a piece of paper. This is not a new issue, she’s not reporting statistics, rather she’s making a bland, emotionless statement without any feeling or conviction and therefore has to read it off a piece of paper. Again it’s no personal dig at her, rather I mean to say that far too many of America’s leading politicians can’t make serious statements without reading a prepared piece which makes you wonder how serious they are.

Whether you’re the Secretary of State, President, Senate leader, House Speaker, whatever, you should have enough of a familiarity with the issue that  you can speak on it off the cuff without prepared statements. The greater your responsibilities are, the greater your familiarity should be.

Listen again to her statements in the video, there is no Kennedyesque speech there, just bland and empty words from someone who wants to sound like their saying something while saying nothing. That’s why I don’t believe her and that’s why most of what politicians say is nothing but crap today.

If the Secretary of State can’t stand at the podium and say straight from her mind/heart/soul “the USA is going to give full economic/military/diplomatic backing to Israel” and instead has to read the most boring and dull statement of active neutrality, than what business does she have even being there and making that statement and why would anyone believe her?

If your leaders can’t make clear and determined statements on the most obvious issues, what can you really expect from them?

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  1. She’s nothing but Obama’s hoe now, no longer fit for service to America. Of course, all she did was mouth Obama’s worthless and meaningless talking points.

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