Attention Shoppers

Lots of talk this week about the Walmart v Union protests.

Walmart filed with the NLRB to get the protests cut out on legal grounds but being a political entity they’ve decided to do nothing about the matter yet. No time like after the smoke clears for the appointees of this administration.

Anyway I’m interested to see how the unions will behave Friday and how the whole situation will shakedown.

There are two undeniable facts. One, that black friday is always chaotic and getting between Americans and their shopping is a hazardous choice. Two, that Unions are well known for nefariously conducting their affairs against those they don’t like.

Walmart could easily lose the public opinion battle. Going up against the liberal Unions, academia, media, and the administration puts a lot of weight against them. However, billions of dollars in annual revenue shows most Americans don’t care and the decline rates of Unions recently shows they’re being called out by many more Americans.

The Unions aren’t playing for their own money and have nothing to lose, which is why they keep up their campaign after all these years of declining returns.

Here’s what I think will happen.

The Unions will come out swinging at everyone like they always do, and likely end up clocking quite a few people square on the jaw in the process.

Unfortunately for them, the people most likely to be hurt by their actions will be the people in the middle, the customers.

If the Union can get Walmart employees to walk out, which I might doubt in itself, it doesn’t hurt Walmart more than it does the customers.

Walmart will still rake in the cash all Christmas season long. The customers will still get their stuff and if the lines are too long cause some people walked off the job, the customers will go to Target or another similar store, also being non-union, or simply buy their wares online, also being non-union.

My overall prediction. IF the Unions can muster the strength to get enough Walmart employees to walk off, it’ll hurt them more than help them. Also, and this is more likely, the Unions prove to be nothing but a nuisance and pain in the ass to regular shoppers and business, further diminishing their already shabby reputations.


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