Sergeant York

I’m not a huge fan of television but one of the channels I do enjoy is the military channel. Saturday nights that showcase a film in a segment called An Officer and a movie with Lou Diamond Phillips as the host.

Tonight’s serving is Sergeant York starring Gary Cooper from 1941.

I like war films and I like some old movies, but I’ve never been much of a fan of black and white films cause they usually just seem a bit cheesy to me.

However in my mind this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I don’t know anything about Gary Cooper, but he’s a tremendous actor in  this role. When I compare his acting in Sergeant York to what we get served up today it’s a night and day difference between quality and crap.

I’m familiar with the story of Sergeant York, but have never read or seen anything extensive about him. Cooper portrays a hillbilly hero who won the Medal of Honor at age 31, who killed 28 Germans and captured 132 more by himself behind German lines. And by the way, York was a pacifist who initially applied for conscientious objector status in the draft.

What stands out to me is that Cooper made the film as his contribution to the war effort in WW2, because he was too old and had a previous hip injury that prevented his service, but still wanted to do something. Also, apparently Cooper won the Oscar for his role as York and said that the award belonged to York and left it on the podium.

Can you imagine an actor today wanting to portray not just America, but a religious, hillbilly from Tennessee as a hero? Matt Damon? Ethan Hawk? Alec Baldwin? Don’t hold your breath, sure they’ll take the role and the money that comes with it but you better believe they wouldn’t take it if there wasn’t some dig at America, it’s people, or what they believe in.

Blind devotion is never a good thing and it’s reasonable to question what we’re told, but Hollywood doesn’t really question things so much as they just mock it, and make fun of the rest of us. That’s why I don’t go to the movies anymore and I’ll stay away as long as they keep up the poor workmanship and the poor attitude.


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