Expectations in Black America

I saw a story over the weekend that said black leaders are expecting the President to return the favor. Basically because we voted for you, you owe us some freebies.

First of all the logic seems shaky. Were blacks ever really going to vote for Mitt Romney in large numbers? Was there some rallying  point that caused them to vote for Obama? No, it was always a foregone conclusion and if anything, insignificant because of that.

But let’s say black Americans are owed something from the President. What would they want or what could they get? Collectively black Americans are already government dependent. One could say they control the rate of government. Because in America everything has to be acceptable for everyone and not overly challenging for anyone, everything is done with minorities in mind, and not simply what’s the best way to do this. More simply put, everything the government does has to take into account the lowest common denominator, which is minorities.

Of course that’s a path to failure but that’s what we insist on, never challenging, always giving up. This is because as a cultural group, the black community in America has set the bar for itself as low as possible. The bar for blacks in America is so low it might as well be on the ground because they are not asked to challenge themselves or really even try in any way.

If you are black and simply drop out of school and do nothing your whole life but sit around watching tv while collecting government checks, that’s considerd a perfectly acceptable life by far too many blacks. It’s not entirely blacks as the liberals do tend to encourage people to study useless things like art and then try to throw money at them for “stimulus”, but it is within the black community that it really shows itself.

A team is only as good as it’s worst performing player.  A country is only as good as it’s worst performing sub-group. America can and has done well without high expectations for it’s minorities, but it would do better if those expectations were increased. However as long as it’s white conservatives asking to increase the effort and expectations of blacks and minorities they will be met with cries of “Racist!”. Even a black leader who dares to suggest that idea, is probably head for excommunication.

Which makes it all the more unfortunate that it seems like things are going the opposite direction, that the standards are loosening, if that’s even possible.

I have higher standards for black people. It’s not enough for a black person to simply meet the standard average. They have to outperform to meet the standard and then use that little bit extra to erase prejudices.

Jackie Robinson is not a civil rights hero, because he was the first black player in the major leagues. He was a hero because he overachieved. He was an outstanding player and it couldn’t be denied, a black player was just as good and even better than many white players.

If Robinson turned out to be a flop who hit .200 and was a clumsy base runner and fielder, he would’ve been dropped out of the league and black people would’ve been set back because it would have vindicated the idea that black people simply couldn’t perform as well as whites.

Unfortunately today, black people don’t care to apply themselves. A great many have no education and no prospects in life, put simply they’re quite hopeless. Still many more have little education and only minimal prospects and still more have sufficient education and adequate/decent prospects.

However, a small portion of the entire black population being able to support themselves(and probably less and less as generations pass), is no means to success.

As long as a large portion of black Americans are unwilling to raise their collective standards to challenge themselves and instead have minimal to no standards term it success, they will be nothing but the bottom of society. Most white Americans are not overly concerned with race in general today, but if a growing black underclass continues to act as an anchor for the rest of American society, it will only earn itself more derision and hatred until it can be pulled along no more.


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