Person of the Year vs Nobel Prize

What’s more telling of phonyness, the TIME magazine person of the year award or a Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize hasn’t gone to anyone who’s done anything for peace in years, but TIME, though less of an official award is also worthy of mockery.

I ask because there is currently voting up at the TIME website for the person of the year. The staff of TIME will apparently make the official pick in the Dec 31 issue, but the reader vote comes out in mid December.

I found out and went by and voted, then looked at the running results. They were impressive so I took a small screenshot.

Impressive that a democratically elected President who just apointed himself dictator of Egypt has a commanding lead of voters, while the already established dictator of Korea has a commanding grip of 2nd, with the Pakistani girl who was shot in the face holding on to 3rd.

It would be quite a coup, if Bashar Assad could pass Malala for 3rd and round out the dictators podium.

I included the top 15(out of 39/40) to show just how serious this award is. I personally expected to see the Clintons and Obama much higher, but there’s only 4 candidates who even have a positive vote ratio, with the Mars Rover being the only one outside the top three.


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