Not all _____ are like that

Women, Muslims, Blacks, Immigrants, Jews. Pick a subgroup of people and you can find a complaint against them and also someone who will defend them undoubtedly saying “Not all (insert group here) are like that”(NA?ALT).

Since Muslims probably come up the most in general society today for this argument, we’ll use them as the example.

“Muslims are all terrorists and want to destroy America. They’re happy when bad things happen to us”

“Not all Muslims are like that. I know lots who are very patriotic.”

However what is missed by the NA?ALT person is that some Muslims are like that. So when somebody generalizes about Muslims, and they in turn generalize that it’s not true, their response includes all Muslims simply because they are defending them and therefore aren’t going to pick who does or does not qualify.

The bad Muslims have to love this. These people will argue and fight to defend all Muslims regardless and try to get them a pass so they receive less scrutiny for being Muslim, allowing them to move about and do their thing more freely.

In the “Not all Muslims are like that” frenzy, they group all Muslims together because by the nature of their position they can’t exclude anyone. They’re so intent on proving that most Muslims are actually good and decent people that they’re not willing to point out the bad ones.

What could be better for a person of a questionable lifestyle than to have people arguing that it’s wrong to classify you as representative of all of your group and therefore gets you off the hook.

While it may be true that NA?ALT, that doesn’t mean that behavior doesn’t happen and it should therefore be pointed out.

Rather than saying, not all muslims are terrorists, not all women are sluts, not all Jews are greedy, etc. it would be smarter for the people who want to defend these groups to do so while at the same time going after the actual bad ones. Help these groups by pointing out the more unsavory members as being unrepresentative, rather than giving them a blanket to hide under with everyone else.



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