China and The Importance of Religion in Society

In a conversation with my parents my mom said that her school had several teachers visiting from China to observe how things were done here. Apparently students in China are beginning to act more western, as in acting out and not doing their work, and someone thought they could determine how to handle the students by sending the teachers here to America to observe how we handle it.

I’m not sure whether or not they’ll report that we really don’t handle it in our schools and just let it go because we can’t stifle our students.

Anyway there’s a larger point to be taken from this. Religion and it’s role to solidify a society.

After coming to power Mao did his best to reshape Chinese society. The elites and intellectuals would be liquidated while the masses would be freed from their traditional Chinese role as laborers to become…laborers for communism.

Society was turned inside out, as in all communist countries class distinction was done away with. Also as with all communist countries all people were equally miserable. That is except of course the leaders, who were well taken care of because of their extra “importance”.

6,000 years of Chinese history and tradition were simply taken of the books and out of the lives of regular Chinese citizens. Of  course it was all still there, they just didn’t teach it any more. It was the glorious Chinese past, but we’re not looking to it anymore, the future is  where China’s really going to shine.

Now that communism is gone from China they still lack the culture that they destroyed. The kids are acting western and they don’t know what to do. Had they not eradicated their culture it’s safe to say they would’ve updated and brought it in line to work with the rest of the world.

Instead they simply cut a great history of tradition and loyalty to the family, village, emperor, with a forced commitment to Mao and communism. Odds aren’t good that you’ll successfully replace 6,000 years of tradition in just one or two generations and even four or five generations later you’re left holding what? A forced commitment not to real tradition, but dictated due to whomever has the power.

Avoiding theological arguments, one thing that is certain about religion is that it solidifies a society. Religion is regularly the cornerstone of a societies moral establishment. Good or bad that is where the rules and regulations come from. It is not a coincidence that in every country on earth the religion for that population largely dictates the manner in which it’s laws and customs have been applied.

I’m not a churchgoing person, but I see the value in a religion. Without a central point for a societies basis, it descends into a moral free for all. Without an accepted central theme a society becomes nihilist. Nothing is any more important than anything else. What is worth doing at that point.

Good or bad it is religion that focuses society and there has yet to be anything that has replaced it is.


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  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    China’s demography is seriously screwed up. My religion teaches that the communist leaders of China can only escape eternal damnation if they end their lives. This applies only to the leaders over seventy years.

  2. Agreed wholeheartedly. Even if we ignored the diestic aspect of religion, were certain behaviors and traditions are mandated by god, there is a scientific and evolutionary reason for it as well. You can simply argue that religion is simply the culmulative knowledge of countless generations put into societal form. Reading the bible, or many other religous texts, and you will see that the ancients had a keen understanding of human nature, both the good and the bad, and what was needed to ensure that the positives aspects of humanitiy were strengthened while containing the negative aspects. In only a generation we have seen what militant feminism, progressivism, and moral relativism has done to our own society. Increased crime, increased divorce, economic stagnation, broken homes, and increased civil strife.

    • Yes. Religion is the area that defines a societies customs, traditions, mores, and expectations.

      It may be imperfect but it has given us everything we have today. Taking away the standards that govern practices, whether in China or America, is only going to be harmful if only because it so severely cuts against the grain of what more pure human experience has created.

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