Do you believe in Idiots, Yes!

So Bob Costas thinks that guns are a problem;

Here’s an idea Bob and Jason. Instead of blaming the gun, why not look at the person who chose to use it.

Those bloody confrontations caused by loud music from a car aren’t caused by guns, they happen because of stupid people.

The problem isn’t that guns exist, the problem is that stupid people raised in a broken, valueless culture exist and nobody is allowed to question that culture. It’s no secret that most murders in America occur in urban areas, but until we can seriously question that segment of society and hold them to the same standards it won’t be fixed.

As for this incident specifically. Maybe this guy was a decent guy, but that doesn’t mean lack of a gun wouldn’t have stopped him. If you kill out of malice, you’ve made a choice to do so, getting rid of guns won’t stop that. Adding in the fact that he killed himself however, makes guns even less to blame.

The problem is not simply guns. It is a large segment of the population that lacks maturity as a whole to be trusted with guns. They have the right to do so, but that doesn’t mean they have the sense.


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