All for the King’s shilling

As part of the “budget balancing”, Democrats originally suggested some months ago that military members increase the cost they pay for the medical costs through the TRICARE program. A copay increase to a civilian.

The rumors are persistent and have kept up and are likely to happen, now the rumors are beginning about service members pay. That they are overpaid and while there’s been no options offered, a pay cut is not out of the question since it would be democrats doing the deed and they A) dislike the military to begin with and B) know they aren’t likely to win over the integrity and honor crowd with free shit and lifetime welfare.

Here’s an article for a short summary.

The rate of pay for an E-2(enlisted level 2) with less than 2 years in for 2013 is $1,700 a month or $392 a week $20,400 a year(before taxes). The rate of pay for that same rank and time ten years ago in 2003, was $1,290 a month, or $14,480 a year.

Hardly a goldmine. I made that much(2013 pay) detailing cars and I didn’t have to worry about the inconveniences of working in a warzone then.

Sure, they get additional pay and allowances, but I don’t think it’s too much to say the military should house their own people. If they require you to be on or near the base cause you’re always on call, I think it’s reasonable to offer that. As for extra pay(jump pay, combat pay, dive pay, etc) last I checked civilian jobs offer overnight rates with a premium over the day shift so set your alarm.

Beyond that the military is a 24-7-365 job. Time off is a luxury. Sure if you’re stateside you can get off duty if you’ve got a serious problem and sure you can sneak out early if you’re job’s easy peasy, just like everyjob, everywhere.

No doubt the military receives a lot of money, but it’s hardly the fault of those enlisted personal who want to serve their country for what it has bestowed upon them and maybe in the process learn a few skills or a trade.

If democrats wanted to tighten up the defense budget an audit would be a good place to start. Next let defense manufacturers cover their own cost overruns, sure the cost comes out in the end anyway but if you cancel the contract they loose it all and their good faith credit rating suffers.

Stop allowing officers to jump ship from the military to defense contractor positions where they make millions because they ran the program in the military they’re now selling product too.

Get rid of the pencil pushers, and ticket punchers. Everything that’s wrong with the military is because of politics. Get rid of the of political class officers and stick to the warfighters. Not only do they know their jobs better, but they’re actually less willing to fight, believe or not. The last people who want to start a war are the ones who actually have to show up to it. Cutting their pay and ability to train and then having a loose respect for them to start some scale clusterbleeps all over the world(Hello Mr. Clinton) is a poor strategy.

To make things even less sensical at the same time they want cuts to defense spending, they also claim they need more stimulus spending to improve the economy. Well, which is it?

Don’t take it out on the poor sod who’s just trying to do his job and support his family by making a measly paycheck worse. When the government looks for excuses it always seems to hone in on the one thing that actually works somewhat like it’s supposed to.

To finish, let’s compare those pay rates again. What’s the going rate for a civilian infantryman? How about a civvie tank driver, or combat medic? Oh that’s right they don’t exist in the civilian world.

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