Michigan Right To Work Law Passes Swimingly

Michigan has passed a right to work law giving public sector employees the choice of joining or refusing to join the unions they once had no choice to join and the unioners aren’t happy about it.


As a resident of this state I am quite familiar with the stories of union work practices. If they can’t adapt and overcome then they deserve to wither and die like a popped blister.

While this is a great step, it’s too bad that it only affects public sector unions and the jackwagons in the UAW and trade unions will be left untarnished.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to protect lazy, or incompetent coworkers, but then again I have high standards. Personally I’d want to shed the deadweight employees and divide the savings among those of us who are even mildly intelligent and do our jobs.

Best part is that the economy is so broken anyway it really doesn’t matter what happens. The Michigan legislature could force every state resident to work as a milkmaid cause what’s happening federally trumps it all.

My point is usually to agree with what youtube poster DEMCAD has to say, but I’m happy enough about this to not care about hiding it.


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