Would Higher Standards Lower Crime?

Details have emerged about the perp who shot up the mall in Oregon two nights ago. Personal details will not be revealed here to not give the prick the satisfaction.

Anyway, it appears we have another case of the crazies. The young man apparently had just broken up with his newly pregnant girlfriend. There was even a mention of him wanting suicide by cop.

If he hadn’t killed himself I’m sure he’d be making claims of insanity or mental unstability or whatever it is they say. While he may indeed have been mentality unstable that’s no excuse to want to kill people and that much he knew and that is what he chose to do.

This, and other recent events, cannot be blamed on guns. Sure guns made it easier and more convenient, but it someone wants to kill himself and or take out a group of other people, the best solution is not to try to stop them in the process but stop them before it begins. Not with gun control, but with cultural awareness.

The perp in this case is said to have fired approximately 60 rounds. Yet he only killed two other people and wounded one more. While unfortunate and tragic for those victims, it is no worse a toll than a car or boating accident.

Because the problem is unstable individuals, perhaps it is safe to ask if we are making it too easy to get guns. Then again, they’ve shown a desire to commit treachery and have the gall to bring guns into gun-free zones so perhaps they are too determined to be stopped.

The problem is when the government qualifications about who may or may not own a gun based on questions of mental stability, you get to a point where it is very easy to deny anyone a gun. Radical change doesn’t happen overnight. It is a creeping condition that slowly permeated through society to the point where it becomes almost standard without even realizing things have changed.

Much like how we’ve gotten to the point where a shooting like this seems to be a regular occurrence.

It is harder to get a gun today, than it was 30 years ago, and yet these things tend to happen more often, or so it is believed, I don’t have any data on that. What then is different? Society. We have a society that says it’s okay for you to do whatever you want. We have a society that creates a sense of easy to reach entitlement and victimhood. If something’s wrong in your life, it’s all too easy to blame other people, rather than taking responsibility for it. A society that promotes that kind of mentality shouldn’t be all too surprised when it’s weakened members start checking out when real life comes calling.

The charge of gun owners is personal responsibility. You can’t own a gun and treat it like a toy, it’s a serious piece of equipment and is treated as such. Society at large would be smart to learn from gun owners. Not just in the manner in which they treat guns, by accepting responsibility for them, but by accepting responsibility in general as it applies to life. Teach people that life is full of problems and rough patches and they won’t be so quick to react harshly to bumps in the road.

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