Lower Tax Solution

It’s not likely that taxes will be lower for anyone next year. By not likely, of course it’s impossible. However if republicans really want to lower taxes they would do well to look to the future. Change people’s attitude on taxes and you can change their mind.

How do you change their attitude? Advertising, research, PSA’s, and logical arguments? In a perfect world that would work. However we live in a rather dumb and ignorant so something more personal is needed.

If republicans want to lower taxes the best thing they could do is to remove automatic deductions. If people were forced to cut a check every week or month in order to pay their taxes, if they had to actually sign the money away to the government, I doubt they’d be as oblivious as to how much money they’re losing.

Through taxes, insurance, and my 401k contributions I used to give up about a third of my paycheck every week. Even though I knew I was losing that much money, it didn’t really bother me. Not in the sense that it festered and kept irritating me. I just accepted it and moved on. No doubt it is much the same with most people.

However human behavior is not all that hard to predict. If everyone had to sign over large chunks of their income that they previously hadn’t paid enough attention to to fully realize they were getting it, I think their minds would change relatively quickly. Make them feel the personal effects of the tax rate and their reaction will follow.



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