Can’t Stand Senseless Violence? Why Not Medicate?

The second shooting this week and once again guns are blamed.

Except there is a flaw, because guns are not the problem. All hope was lost when these guys decided that there was no other option left but death.

“but guns make it easier”. Yes they do, but taking away guns still doesn’t solve the problem of mentally unstable individuals. Take away the guns and at best, they’ll bottle up their problems and rage and save it for the future when they might snap on some unsuspecting victim.

Would there be a difference if they killed 26 people including children or just one person? Numbers say yes and the news coverage would care, but morality doesn’t measure in terms of numbers. Murder is murder.

The crux of the issue is unstable individuals and a medical treatment system that offers prescription drugs to cover the symptoms as a solution instead of effective mental care. Even better is that we know have subsidized that very manner of medical care by the government.

As I said in this post, when you take away morality by nullifying the traditions supporting it, you end up with a moral free for all. I’m not saying that religion would have stopped these murders, but if society put greater emphasis on following those moral standards instead of shaking them down people might have a greater sense of discipline and personal responsibility.

We’ve slowly been eliminating defined morality and been replacing it with moral relativism. It no longer matters that we all follow the same rules, what we deem important now is that we can all rationalize our own rules.

All combined when you take away morality and mentality it’s easy to see why more and more people feel like there’s nothing worth living for. If their life has no value, how can you expect them to understand anyone else valuing their own?

I mean really where would someone get the idea that violence is a perfectly acceptable option?

And that’s only season 1!


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