Let’s ban everything

If we’re going to ban guns we should not stop there. There’s too many bad things in the world.

So first we can take away guns.

Then we can take away dogs, cause sometimes they bite people.

We can take away syringes, cause sometimes people use them for drugs.

We can take away construction cranes, cause sometimes they fall down.

We can take away money, cause it’s the cause of all debt.

We can take away lighters and matches, cause sometimes people use them to start fires.

We can take away MP3 players, cause sometimes people pirate music.

We can take away porn, cause some kids click past the age verification on porn sites.

We can take away all forms of competitions, cause they inevitably produce losers along with winners.

We can take away band-aids, cause sometimes they hurt when they get pulled off.

We can take away beauty magazines, cause sometimes they make people feel self-concious and ugly.

We can take away clothes, cause they to sometimes make people envious and feel inferior.

Lastly, just to be safe, we can take away people, cause sometimes people commit violence just because someone is different.

It has to work right? It worked so well with prohibition and the war on drugs.

If after all that, we still aren’t safe I doubt we’ll ever be. Oh that’s right we never will be. Life is a challenge, not a reward and you can pass all the laws you want but that doesn’t stop life from being tough.

When the 35% of Americans(~100 million) deal with their obesity, then talking about the .003% who are victims of gun homicide per year(~10,000) might carry a little more water.


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