Gun control is starting to stick in my craw

The whole gun control issue has really stuck in my craw. I’m still waiting for one of these progressives nitwits to actually begin that “meaningful discussion” they keep harping on about.

Taking out things like rights, protection against tyranny, etc one can look at guns and crime from a criminal statistics point of view and it still is irrelevant.

There are a few hundred million people in America and a few hundred million guns as well. Despite this massive numbers 99.99% of guns are never used in a crime. Why are we bothering with a statistical grain of sand out of the whole world? How about you go do something meaningful instead of sitting in front of a TV camera spouting off about how nobody needs guns because you’re ignorant and are afraid of them because you live a dull, meaningless life.

Detroit is a shithole and there are a lot of gun crimes in Detroit. That’s unfortunate, but gun crime is not the problem in Detroit. It is an effect of a much larger problem. If you are ugly and have cancer, being ugly is unfortunate, but it’s the cancer that’s really ruining things for you. It doesn’t matter if you take away guns you won’t stop crime when the underlying causes for high crime rates still exist.

Gun control is a moot point until some nut shoots up a school. The cries for gun control were only murmurs to the same number of deaths that occur in Detroit and Chicago each weekend.

You can’t stop the crime and this latest massacre in Connecticut is a perfect example. The perp in this case went to buy guns and was deterred because he didn’t want to submit to the background check for whatever reason. It stopped him from buying a gun. But he drove home from the store, waited a few days, then stole his moms guns and commenced the crime.

No person who declines to buy guns because of the background check and still goes on to do his deed is going to be stopped. In the days between his attempted purchase and the massacre, the thought never occurred to him that what he was doing was wrong. He never reflected “holy shit, I just went into a store to buy guns to kill people“.

A person like that will never be deterred. If there were no guns in the household he would’ve gone into the basement to get a hammer and proceed to bash in his mothers skull and after that who knows what he would’ve done. Maybe those kids wouldn’t be dead if that’s what happened  but that’s overlooking the fact that this kid wouldn’t have been stopped either way and that’s the real problem.

Society is broken enough to cause these problems. The typical ignorant American reaction of doing nothing but applying a band-aid to a deep wound will do nothing to prevent things from getting worse.


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