Incentivize Congress to Balance the Deficit

Last week I had a post suggesting that if anyone really wanted to lower taxes they would eliminate automatic deductions and make people see how much their losing when they cut that check to the government every month.

I continue the suggestions for how to handle the countries debt issues with this post.

If anyone in the government was serious about dealing with the deficit and debt there is an easy solution.

If the government cannot create one budget in the black in 3 years than they must pass a balanced budget for the next year before they are allowed to do anything else.

To further incentivize that, pay and benefits could be withheld(from congress) until the budget is balanced. To even go a step further you could say that if they don’t balance out that 4th years budget that they will have to pay back all of their salary and benefits from the previous 3 years.

Though not all members of congress are as rich as John Kerry or Michael McCaul, but I doubt good old John Forbes would want to pass on a paycheck. Surely the less affluent members of congress wouldn’t want to.

The threat of the fiscal cliff hurts the nation more than it does the government, and members of congress are not likely to be affected personally so why not make them bear a personal responsibility for actually doing their job?


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