Morals and Social Construction

Moral relativism has been on my mind a lot lately even prior to the school shooting but that really forced it into the spotlight.

I had this realization on the topic. Most moral relativists are liberal, they say that everything is a social construct and wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t first created in someone’s mind. That everything we do or believe is someone else’s doing. They would be right to think that, because it;s true. Everything that man has beyond his basic instincts for survival is a social construct.

Still, most liberals will also say that we need to protect the weak and disadvantaged. Groups such as blacks and women need to be protected from “white privelage” and the patriarchy. Of course groups that are truly disadvantaged such as people who are handicap or mentally retarded never receive any mention.

So I realized, like they certainly never will, that their one belief goes against the other. Morals and the rules, habits, and manners that are a lesser form of morals, already protect others. We form lines at the bank and in stores because otherwise it would come down to a fight and who wants that? Not the weak. Similarly we don’t rob those same banks because we wouldn’t want the bank where we keep our own money to be robbed.

Morals give us basic laws such as don’t kill and don’t steal. Morals protect everybody, not just the weak. They are consistent in their application because they hold everyone to the same standard. With moral relativism comes moral ambiguity. And that’s the difference. Generally, conservatives realize that morals are something that equalizes everybody. Good or bad, strong or weak morals and rules make it fair(a favorite lib. word) for everyone. Liberals however see morals as something that puts a limit on people. Something that keeps people from “being themselves”, no matter how screwed up and destructive they are.

Even though liberals like to talk about things “for the betterment of everyone”, they deny that morals are more fair than any communist redistribution scheme they’ve got. As much as liberals want to control everything everyone does, they don’t want everyone on the same page or held to the same standard. Maybe their newest form of communism has adjusted for that “everyone is equal” bug that keeps giving them fits.

It is the pushing of the victim mentality that keeps furthering this moral relativism. The culture of Black America is proudly held up by Black Americans as something that is there own. The morally relative liberal position allows them to claim victim status and defer the responsibility for their status as a group, despite their self-destructive behavior because it can be blamed on the rules and morals of white culture. It is that dividing line, created by relativism, that keeps those who are down down. Furthermore, with this specific example it is obviously false, because black culture is more likely to influence white culture in America.


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  1. Someone once said liberals think people are born good and it is society that can make them bad while conservatives know people are born wicked and it is society that can make them good.

    The longer I live and see liberals at work in the world the more I realize they would’ve used any group that was an ‘other’ to bludgeon white traditionalists with starting in the mid-20th century. Blacks were convenient, but if no blacks would have been around, American Indians or Hispanics would’ve done. American Indians had a huge boost in the late 60s and through the 70s. Just another tentacle of the socialist squid.

    • Right. It’s not to say that a group doesn’t have a few legit gripes, but there’s a difference between a gripe and a complete lack of accepting any responsibility for ones self based on a singular factor.

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