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I’ve seen on many blogs and news sites posts relating to the population on earth. There are apparently those who think that the earth has too many people to support and that the ideal population is something around 500,000,000 people. Some of these people conspiratists who think the jews/new world order/ whoever they believe in has a plan to get the earth to that number.

While the earth is surely to reach a point eventually where it’s population exceeds the space and food available it’s actually not their yet. Further I don’t think these people realize just how small 500,000,000 people really is. 500 million people is the United States and Brazil added together. Now it’s obvious they would be spread out, but I don’t really think that’s enough people. Not to sustain a modern technological world.

I wonder if they think that the reason the population would be capped is to save the rich elites? Cause surely a large number would have to be around to work the mines, factories, transports, comm. lines, etc. There would still be much work to be done. But I don’t bother myself with these thoughts, there’s nothing that can be done about it. Human history takes of itself.

The real reason I brought this up, was not to discuss whether too many people would throw the world into chaos because of an intense demand for resources. Rather I think the problem with too many people is that it exacerbates the political problems.

The problem isn’t so much that people don’t have enough to eat and then fight over it, though that very well may be a causus belli for what might happen. Rather the problem will be that there are more people to be convinced of these things and thrown into the meat grinder for the cause, or who’d have no problem committing the next holocaust because it can be well reasoned.

In my post Technology Makes People Dumber, I stated that the use of technology does not make people smarter as they would have us believe. But that the technology becomes something people rely on for their intelligence instead of having their own. They can be much more easily fooled by it. It’s a lazy method and we shouldn’t be surprised that people will believe anything from it rather than digging deeper. They want quick answers not work.

Therefore it’s reasonable to think that given that increasing mental approach, people will be more easily fooled and willing to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. People generally tend to have a herd mentality. History tells us that most Germans during the 3rd reich didn’t want war and though they knew about the concentration camps simply ignored it because they had been conditioned to it by years of leadership under Adolf Hitler that made that mentality standardized.

The threat of increasing population comes not from how they will be fed, but how they will be conditioned to life. Hundreds of millions of people in Pakistan, Mexico and other countries are more of a threat because of their mindset than their stomachs. More people means more agreement to previously unimaginable ideas.


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  1. It certainly is an interesting idea that I do think has some ground. The US is, arguably, one of the most technologically advanced and most educated nations in the world; yet the vast majority of Americans cannot be bothered to care about the entitlement system, deficit spending, unfunded liabilities, or the erosion of our constitution outside of a 60 minute span.

  2. I actually WILL argue the carrying capacity side. As of RIGHT NOW are we at carrying capacity? No, we can, and will go higher. But our carrying capacity is ultimately way, way overshot because of 1 thing: oil.

    I should actually do a post on this, but essentially oil does two major things: it allows one man to do the work of 100, and it is a major fertilizer for otherwise unproductive land. When the oil is gone, so it the population.

    • That’s true but the population will flow in accordance with the ability of it to be sustained. Whether it’s war, famine, or economics it will self adjust.
      But it does bring up another question, if the world is unsustainable for long at current numbers, how long would it be sustained with lower numbers but higher quality lives? Just a fun thing to think about.

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