Historia Futura Praedicit

Today’s addition to the blogroll is Historia Futura Praedicit. History predicts the future. A blog on the intertwining of geopolitics, economics, from a millennial.

HFP is run by Cogitans Iuvenis. He is a regular commentor here at Odins Lounge and I very much enjoy reading his blog.

Cogitans knows his stuff about history and in particular Rome. His blog is a great read for anyone interested in history, as I am.

I like Cogitans ideas that the future can be predicted based on history. Though the details always change there are consistencies in history that reveal that certain ideas, and plans simply work better than others.

For that reason Historia Futura Praedicit joins the blogroll.


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  1. I recalled this song, and the lyrics are basically perfect for the title of your blog.

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