I just back from an urgent care center. I was sledding with my nephew and we went down the hill with him sitting on my back. As I paddled with my arms the left one got caught, ripped backwards and was dislocated.

I went inside where I sat down on the laundry room floor. My dad helped me take my jacket off and at that moment the arm popped back in.

I proceeded to deal with the affects of shock as that is a common reaction I have to trauma. My body is well tuned and knows what to do. So I preempted that by sitting down with my head by my knees.

My parents took me to urgent care to have it looked at anyway. We waited for at least an hour and nobody seemed to be handling the patients with any urgency and I felt fine anyway. Even the pain had long subsided so I said lets go. It’ll be ice packs on my shoulder for at least a day or two I imagine.

Be careful out there!


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  1. Ouch indeed! Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience…you’ll need to think up a story that makes it sound much cooler though…you were deep sea diving and a large grouper bent your arm back, or confronted by a bunch of ninjas in an alley or something 🙂

    Hope you get well soon!

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