Bob Hope

There was no person of the week last Sunday because I forgot. Holidays always screw with my understanding of what day it is.

This weeks person of the week, and first for the year is comedian Bob Hope. Hope was born in London, England in 1903. His original name was Lesley Townes Hope. It’s easy to see why Bob was better. Hope lived to be 100 years old as he died on July 27, 2003.

Hope was an exceptional actor and appeared in many films throughout his career. The man had staying, because the films or even his cameos were always great.

Still what we honor Bob Hope for here is his tireless service with the USO. Hope first started doing USO shows during the Second World War and did them during each major war up to the Persian Gulf War.

Hope made 57 tours with the USO and word has it that each one was quite a feat. John Steinbeck remarked how Hope, during WW2, seemed to be everywhere, that he wouldn’t leave until each base or outpost and every soldier saw his show at least once.

The respect and deference Hope gave to the service members, and everyone in general for that matter, is far far beyond the selfishness and forced acknowledgement celebrities give today with their phoney baloney “I support the troops” PSA’s.

Hope did all this, becoming one of the biggest names in the world without even pushing the boundaries of bad taste. I’m no chronicler of Bob Hope jokes but I don’t think the man ever said anything that could be classified as even more than risque. Anyone who can be as funny and entertaining as Hope was, is already a great comic, but to do it with clean jokes you could share with your grandmother and children has to be the pinnacle of comedic achievement. Bob Hope is one of those people you wish could have lived forever.

It’s for great accomplishments in entertainment and a true selfless and kind nature that we honor Bob Hope as the first person of the week for 2013 at Odins Lounge.

And possible the greatest line ever spoken in a movie;


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