Slut shaming and tax economics in one post, why it must be Christmas again!

Here we have an example Moronica Sluticus-Americanus. The not so rare breed of mixed species. Part of those who think they can have something for free and without cost in some other way and those who celebrate the very behavior that has lessened their value over time into nothing but seed receptacles(Now with 3 holes!).

Nature truly is a splendid marvel.


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  1. I liked the comment by the woman in her fifties: “Oh goody now I get to pay for birth control again. I feel so young!”

    Heh. No cost is too great to pay for for women who don’t feel like shelling out the seventy five cents a day (or about half the cost of a diet coke) to fund their own birth control. They can spend that money on more twinkies and dingdongs to enhance their expanding girth now.

    • I don’t know what the pill costs, but I know it isn’t expensive and condoms are just a few bucks.
      Really what has it come to when nobody has any personal responsibility and has expectations to be given everything for free. Apathy is probably a worse threat to America’s future than the debt.

      As for birth control, it’s simple, I don’t want to have a kid yet so I protect myself when I have sex and don’t go around like a manwhore in the place and so far so good.

      • It’s usually between 15 dollars to 50 dollars per month. The whole thing reminds me of my husband’s bipolar ex-girlfriend who would insist he pay her seven dollars a month for “his portion” of her birth control. It didn’t matter that he paid for every meal, ect…she needed the 7 bucks on principle. Too stupid for words.

  2. Women do not understand why men should not have to (or want) to pay for this.
    I try to tell them itd be like making you buy me sexual enhancement drugs ‘its medical afterall’

    • Ha, I can see that comparison going far over their heads. “What do you mean? That stuff makes you horny, this is so I don’t get pregnant.” Those dots are way to far apart for them to connect.

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