This is a preemptive Shhh

I have a problem with liberalism. (Mind you now, don’t think I won’t criticize conservatism). Liberal ideas may be well-intentioned, but that doesn’t mean much if the planning is flawed. You can have all the best intentions and desire in the world but that doesn’t mean diddly squat if the execution is poor. Though often times it’s not even that the execution of plans for liberal ideas are poor, so much as it is that there not even realistic ideas in the first place.

Taking away guns, despite its unconstitutionalness, is a poor idea because it doesn’t reflect reality. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if it could in fact all firearms were removed and safety could be guaranteed, but it can’t.

Free healthcare sounds great. Who wouldn’t want medical coverage for the price of on the house? Except somebody has to pay for it, and of course the government can’t help but get in the way and slow things down. Not to mention the fact that the health of Americans would be more improved through simple exercise and diet changes than prescriptions and surgeries.

Free college education sounds great because it means everyone will be enlightened and smart. Except not everyone needs to be enlightened or smart. There’s no need to send someone to college at taxpayer expense if they are only ever going to dig ditches or Occupy! for a living.

Welfare in its many forms sounds kind and generous and wonderful. But it doesn’t work so well when it becomes a method of living rather than a support system to catch those who slip and need to be stood up on the journey of life.

My problem with liberal ideas isn’t that they are bad ideas in general. Rather it’s that they are so flawed in their perceptions and assumptions about how things in life really work. In liberal card games good intentions beat reality and logic. To make matters even worse however, you can’t even tell them these things cause they seem to not care.

To put it in a form of entertainment…


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