You’re So Ugly You Could Be a Modern Art Masterpiece

In last Sunday’s newspaper here there was an article in the entertainment guide about new art exhibits coming to the Detroit Institute of Arts this year. In this article was an image of one of the masterpieces that is to be exhibited.

Here a cutout from the Detroit News website;

green with red

Makes you wonder why they even have art school anymore. Who thought a painting a side view of olive in square was something the world just had to have?

I actually like art, i’m not a hater. I appreciate having nice things to look at in my surroundings both outside and inside. But there really needs to be a separation of art and these shitty crafts projects.

About a year ago I went to the DIA for the second time ever. The first time was a few years before for school, this time I choose to went cause I was with the girl I was seeing at the time.

I was fine until I got to the modern art section. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every thing made in the past century is garbage, just that garbage has now been accepted as art, sometimes literally.

stone line

How is this art? It’s a bunch of stones laid out poorly. This isn’t art, it’s called a mason who should be fired! But the guy who did this does only this, his name is Richard Long look him up. Who pays for this stuff?

This last summer I visited London to see a friend on my way home from my European vacation. With a few days to kill in the one of the biggest and most expensive cities on earth I went to the museums, cause they’re free by the way.

The Imperial War Museum is great, the British Museum is excellent too. I didn’t have time to visit the Tate classical art museum, but I did make the mistake of going to Tate Modern, for all of approximately 3 minutes.

I walked in on the ground fall, and proceeded to go up all the escalators, about 5 or 6 floors. I walked into the first exhibit room and what did I see? A crappy snack-wagon with a corrugated steel roof from Cuba or some other Caribbean island filled with garbage. Literally. It had an exposed side, possibly with plexiglass, and inside on the floor on this wagon was just litter scattered around.

At that moment I remembered exactly why I hate modern art. I turned around walked the two steps out of the room and went down all the escalators I just went up, walked out of the building and to the good museums.

Originally I just wanted to vent my disgust at modern art, but now I have to dig deeper and offer a theory. I suppose as more people became rich they wanted to fit in, but couldn’t since they didn’t have the knowledge and experience with art that the generational upper class had so they came up with modern art. It’s the perfect cover, you get enough hyenas together who claim somethings great and you just have to understand these things to get it and suddenly it becomes accepted. That’s my theory anyway. The psychology is sound, but I don’t know about the accuracy since I wasn’t around.

If you want more, check out Captain Capitalisms own thoughts about modern art.


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  1. My theory on modern art: because we are so ‘tolerant’ and cant call a pig a pig, we so everyone our ‘tolerance’ by trying to find the beauty within.

    • That’s true, though I think with art it’s enough of an upper crust thing that most people do look at it and go wtf? A regular person is more likely to say they don’t get it whereas those who want to prove themselves worthy will ‘get it’.

  2. You share my opinions on modern art. I seeth with rage when the museum I go to, in a fairly prosperous and large city, has a modern art section, with soiled card board displayed as art, that take up an entire floor of the mueseum and our classical section is one palrty wall in one small room. Even more angering is that it isn’t because the museum lacks classical pieces, but because they simply choose to leave it in storage.

    All modern art is nowadays is an effort to try and shock, however, after a century of men shitting on beaches and urinating on crosses the public has lost its ability to be shocked. All they can muster from the general public now is a raised eyebrow and the comment “I could do this myself!”.

    It’s like the artist community today is nothing more than a bunch of toddlers shrieking with delight as they finger paint over the masterpieces of the past. To quote my brothers professor who taught drawing: “How many of those suppossed artists today could draw their mothers face from memory? If a person cannot draw the face that gave them life, nutured them and loved them;then they are simply unfit to illustrate the universal truths that man seeks out.”

    • The examples are crummy art are limitless. One could make a website devoted solely to shitty modern art.

      I’ve been to a few museums with sub par displays and classical art that didn’t do anything for me, but they were in 2nd world countries so I gave them a pass for not having millions of dollars to work with.

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