Gun Control and Native Americans

Liberals want to take away guns. Some say hunting is unnecessary and target shooting is a replaceable hobby. Home defense is no reason cause it’s actually code for “I want to murder someone”. Certainly the original intent of the 2nd Amendment being as a check against tyranny and oppressive government isn’t needed. Except when it is.

We could mention many instances of weapon confiscation or regulation throughout history. From Cambodia and China to the Soviet Union and Third Reich of the last century all the way back to Medieval times(actual medieval times, not the dinner and a show attraction). We could even use our own American example of Lexington and Concord, but there’s an even better example to showcase and it too is a tale of America.

What do many of these progressives hate more than guns? America itself. Think back just a month and a half ago, Thanksgiving. What happens every year at Thanksgiving? The liberals display their disgust for America being stolen from the natives by those dastardly white Europeans.  You know the guys who formed a government and used their advanced arms to fight the Indians all the way across the continent until they possessed it all. Just a hunch, but I’m going to guess that if you asked those natives if they would do it all again without standing up for themselves and not disarming that they would say no.

This demonstrates one of the core flaws in liberal thinking. They cannot make a connection between two logical points(hell most times they can’t explain one logical point). They complain that our government established this country with guns at the ready and no mercy and yet they think that people who believe in having a means to protect themselves from that government are terrorists.

See the disconnect? Though they hate the government, they wouldn’t dare oppose it. After all look at all the cool stuff available to them just for being an American. Though they hate the government and what it stands for, they want it to be bigger and more powerful. Apparently freedom can be bought. The price is standard suburban fare.

And what do they say to that; “Surely, it wouldn’t happen again. It couldn’t happen here. This time it REALLY is different, we’re better and that stuff wouldn’t happen, we’re far too advanced and enlightened for anything bad to happen on our watch.”

Besides, what has being prepared ever gotten anyone?



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  1. Best example of unilateral disarmament of the law abiding population, coupled with government-weapons issued only to a selective percentage of the population that I can think of (to date) was Rwanda, directly enabling the genocide of hundreds of thousands of people in the course of two weeks (though the slaughter continued for several more, the vast majority of deaths took place during the first two).

    Most recently outrage was the publishing in a New York paper of a list and map of gun permit holders in Westchester and Rochester counties. With that, the gun control debate in this country has ceased to be a ‘dialogue’, but an abusive one-sided diatribe from gun control advocates who demonstrate by their actions that they are monumentally ignorant stone-cold hypocrites.

    • It’s becoming more and more the case. The “tolerant” progressives are only tolerant of their own side and their idea of negotiating or having a discussion is that the other side accept their ideas.

  2. I intended to say government-issued weapons for Rwanda above, rather than government-weapons issued (though it’s small point I prefer accuracy). I need to read before jumping the gun (pun intended).

  3. Every Indian I have ever come across has been very zealous when it has come to the exercise of their 2nd amendment rights. The treatment of the aboriginal peoples of this continent is one of the blacker marks on our country, were we outright violated our stated principals and promises to soverign people, and you would think that progressives would learn that our government is still capable of the same sort of disregard today.

    • Naturally every civilization thinks it is the pinnacle of achievement and therefore incapable of going afoul. Of course it only takes a matter of years before we can look back and say what made you think you were special?

  4. ironic that we are seeing history replaying its self over again. the difference is that now it involves all americans. i for one believe that if the constitution was taken for what it is then all this dismay could be avoided. beware we had reeducation, health care, they said, kill the indian save the man (kill the american create a man) this logic is not to be trusted. it didnt work for us, it will not work for you all.

    • thanks for the comment jake. You’re right. Still I don’t know if it’s funny or sad that the liberals who are doing it realize that their being the exact same thing they say they hate.

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