Why Socialism is Crap

Why Socialism is crap. Of course the reasons are innumerable but I’m just going to stick to one.

Socialism is crap because the world needs garbage-men, freight packers, and ditch diggers.

You cannot castigate the  wealthy for being rich and greedy without also mocking the poor for being poor and helpless. To say that the poor can’t help themselves is an insult. That they aren’t capable enough to take care of themselves and therefore other people should should offend more than it does. Never mind that the reason most poor people are poor isn’t because of lack of money but rather lack of smart decision making. Sure they don’t have a lot of money, but the biggest obstacle for people trying to move up from the lower class is poor planning and long term decision making.

The very system that is meant to move them up actually holds them down. Why bother trying when it’s all given to you for free anyway? That coupled with the poor planning keeps most poor people in their down-trodden status. It’s one thing to say the rich should help the poor improve themselves but it’s another thing altogether to say that the rich should subsidize the poor, for some greater good such as fairness.

Beyond all that, not everyone is meant to be rich. We aren’t all intended to be identical. We are meant simply to be. To be as good (or bad) as we can be at whatever it is we do. Everyone is different, not special, just different. When we can rid ourselves of this socialist manner of thinking we’ll actually be able to help people, because they will realize that they have to help themselves before anyone else can help them.

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  1. “Socialism is crap because the world needs garbage-men, freight packers, and ditch diggers.”

    Respectfully, I think I’d reword that to something more along the lines of “Socialism is crap because the world needs (insert relatively high-paying stuff here)”. In a socialist world there are still garbage men, freight packers, et al. There’s plenty of incentive to do those jobs when they are paid the same as a surgeon. By contrast, there is less incentive to go through the effort to become a surgeon (or entrepenuer, ect). Effort is costly. Pay a coffeemaker the same as a judge and everyone will want to make coffee.

    ““The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”- Churchill

    • That’s true Liz. Though socialism may encourage more people to be ditch diggers if they were paid the same as surgeons, it also discourages them from doing anything if they can just get the surgeon to subsidize their doing nothing.

      The point being that if everyone is paid the same or paid for nothing they have no incentive to do anything.

      I understand your suggestion, and it makes the same point, just from a different perspective of the way I wrote it.

  2. What are you thoughts if we had robots completely capable of doing these things?

    • It’s difficult to say. Would people think things were easy and go on having kids keeping the population high or would they say “hey life’s easy, let’s have fun” and just travel and party and do nothing about the future.

      Hard to say about robots without knowing the direction that things are steered by the government. Welfare isn’t a bad thing, but it’s steered badly by the government which is why the system’s broken. Would be the same with robots I suppose, depending on how it is approached will determine how it goes.

  3. Thought this article might interest you (or perhaps amuse you, particularly the chart title ‘Optimal welfare policies by generosity and worker skills’):


    Hat tip to Villainous Company.

    • Thanks. That’s interesting, but in a ‘Duh!’ sort of way. I guess they have to inform a wide audience, but sometimes I wonder.

      It’s all a rather Duh! area. If you pay people as much to do nothing as they would receive(or less) if they worked you’re not going to encourage them to work. A chart I saw a few weeks ago proved that. It showed people could get about 60k in govt. welfare.
      If I had low standards and was a sleeze bag I’d do that since it’s more than double what I’ve ever made.

      It shouldn’t be a debate to say low standards keep people down, but it is.

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