Investment Advice

If you happen to have a little cash and a lot of pull I have some investment advice for you.

Placebos. The placebo effect is a matter of willpower in thinking that the subject is receiving medicine when in fact they are often receiving simple sugar.

Manufacture and sale of sugar pills should be a relatively cheap endeavor. Find yourself a ailment, market your pills as an improvement in the condition of it and rake in the cash.

Of course the only thing that will get in your way is the FDA but that’s where the pull comes in or if you got it, a bit of cash on a few greasy palms will do the same.

Considering many ailments can be dealt with without surgery or prescription drugs, it’s a good thing we got Obamacare to waste plenty of money on it.


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  1. If you call it a supplement, you avoid the hassle of the FDA. Supplements are neither a drug or a food, and are outside fo the reach of the FDA. Incorporate in Utah, manufacture them there and print money.

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    Zija is a safe option.

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