The Desert Gets Cold at Night

American Jew’s are finding themselves a bit upset lately. Obama’s new Secretary of Defense pick Chuck Hagel doesn’t exactly have the rosiest of relationships with Israel. At 2% of the population they make a powerful lobby, though apparently not powerful enough.

What did they expect? This point of view of Obama’s wasn’t a secret. They’d have known if they had bothered to do a little homework, but they didn’t and now they reap what they sow. It’s not as though American Jews are of the tough nature that Israel’s Jews are. Banking and University jobs are a long from the west bank.

Looking at this situation, you wonder how did the most hated and scapegoated group in history survive this long? It wasn’t through toughness. Name a famous Jewish warrior? Jews are hated and have been chased around the western world for thousands of years. They settle in one place, make a living for a while, then get chased out to somewhere else. If they’re not fighting for their place in a given society, they’ve got to be doing it with cunning. But I don’t see much cunning in a group that voted for a guy who has it in for their ‘nation’.

Maybe it’s just the American Jews that make it seem like they haven’t got any survival skills, cause I wonder how they’ve survived this long as a group if they really have such poor instinct.


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  1. The Jewish people have always been a rather politically-liberal leaning, often even communist bunch. See ‘Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey’ by David Horowitz, for an illustration of this generational paradigm. The nation of Israel itself is quite socialist when compared to ours.

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